Vykort Från Thailand

Nu har jag varit i Sverige i över 7 månader, den längsta oavbrutna perioden utan på flera år. Det känns underligt men samtidigt helt rätt just nu. Ända sedan jag var 14 år har jag inte haft

Bananbröd (Vegan)

Mitt skafferi såg sorgligt tomt ut igår, vilket störde mig lite grann då jag hade världens baksug men knappt hade något att baka med – tills jag upptäckte de övermogna bananerna som låg och skräpade i fruktskålen:

1 Year After I Quit Travel Blogging

I believe that the day you stop growing is the day you start dying – your life is like a flower, it grows and grows and when it stops growing it starts to rot and eventually die.

Capturing My Moments (9-15 June, 2014)

Mon 9/6 “I love the day from 5 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 11 pm – the hours in between I could live without”, Nathan said as we walked through the door from our

Capturing My Moments 2- 8 June, 2014)

Capturing my moments is sum-up of thoughts, experiences and ramblings that I write down every day and share on my personal blog – it’s a way for me to practice consistency and to maybe look back on

Capturing My Moments (26 May – 1 June, 2014)

Monday 26/5 Found this old blooper-clip from when we were in Sri Lanka a few years ago, had to laugh out loud when I watched it. Tuesday 27/5 Before you speak, THINK. T – is it True?

Becoming Friends With Stress

Ever since I traveled the world for the first time back in 09 with only 6000 dollars in my pocket that would last me 8 months I’ve set my life up for the most insanely stressful situations.

Capturing My Moments (19-25 May, 2014)

Monday 19/5 It’s such a strange thing to be cooking so much, and still have no time to eat Tuesday 20/5 My legs haven’t been this tired since I worked at Condeco, so not used to standing

What It’s Really Like To Live In Sweden

The other week I received an email from a woman who had watched all our Europe Train Challenge videos on YouTube (if you haven’t seen them, click here), and wondered what life is like in Sweden. “…I’m

Capturing My Moments (12-18 May, 2014)

Monday 12/5 Been shooting all day for the new VEGMAT magazine (coming out in June) and I’m so tired I could fall asleep standing. Tues 13/5 Second day of shooting for the magazine (we’re doing an intensive