So many cherry blossoms!!! #hanami

So many cherry blossoms!!! #hanami

Welcome to my vegan food and travel blog! I’m Sofia and I’m a food lover, recipe creator and travel addict based in Sweden.

I work for the Swedish vegan magazine VEGMAT  which launched in 2014 after I returned home after spending 5 years traveling the world working online full time as a digital nomad and travel writer.

I have a huge passion for plant based cooking and love creating new exciting recipes and testing the boundaries of what is possible – but to tell you the truth, it wasn’t always like that. I wasn’t born into a family where food was a big topic. I didn’t have an italian “nonna” standing in the kitchen all day cooking for a big family.

To me, food was a necessary evil, and since I could hardly even boil a pot of rice for myself, I tried to stay out of the kitchen.

So what changed?

My food journey began years later, when I left at the age of 19 to travel the world with my partner Nathan. I realized pretty soon that food played a huge role in different cultures around the world; it connects people, it gives you an insight into their culture, their history, their mindset. I found it was a short-cut to get to know the people that I met, and it opened up many wonderful adventures and opportunities.

Being a vegetarian at the time (now vegan), food naturally became a larger focus as I had to look for vegetarian options while traveling to new places every few days. The extra effort it took to find places that served local vegetarian food often paid off. Some of my best travel experiences involve finding odd random places and meeting chefs who were doing such an amazing job at making the best of what they had. Their passion rubbed off on me, and as I ate my way around the world for 5 years exploring new cuisines and flavor combinations, my whole view on food completely changed!

When I settled for longer periods in a country, I used the inspiration and ideas from my travels to experiment in the kitchen with the regional produce and new ideas from the locals we met.

While living in Berlin for a few months back in 2013 I was inspired by the city’s open mindset and growing vegan movement, and soon after I decided to move back to Sweden to inspire more people to a plant based lifestyle by launching a monthly vegan snackbox subscription service and vegan print magazine at vegmat.se

Thanks for following along, make sure you follow me on facebook and instagram, and I look forward to spreading some plant based inspiration and love to you all!