Top 7 Vegan Halloween Treats

Halloween is coming up soon, and I hope you’re all getting ready for the spookiest weekend of the year with some awesome snacks and treats!

Growing up in Sweden in the 90’s, Halloween was a completely new concept that I as a child thought was the most amazing idea ever. Playing with food? Awesome! Dressing up in scary outfits? Fun! Getting lots of candy from strangers just by asking? Terrific, although more than once knocking on doors dressed in bloody clothes wasn’t very successful (you see, most of the adults had never heard of Halloween before and were quite shocked when they opened their doors!).

Today Halloween is much more widely known in the country and many of us definitely make some extra spooky treats to celebrate the holiday.

Here are some of the best vegan Halloween treats I’ve found from fellow bloggers that are definitely worth checking out…

#1. Frankenstein Brown Rice Krispie Treats


Get the recipe here.

#2. Vegan Candy Corn


Get the recipe here.

#3. Gluten free vegan mummy cookies

mummy sugar cookies1

Get the recipe here.

#4. Healthy halloween carrot rice balls


Get the recipe here.

#6. Creepy crawly sugar cookies


Get the recipe here.

#6. Leggy Whoopie Pie Spiders


Get the recipe here.

#7. Witches brew breakfast pudding


Get the recipe here.