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I found them in Xuan Dieu’s poems, as his lovesongs revealed such ardor to which comradeship, the only relationship I was taught of, paled in comparison. Press J to jump to the feed. The essay is a study of Brittany’s curiosity and exploratory nature. Having spent the first two months of senior year reading political treatises, poems, psychological and anthropological works in a History course, this was the first time these texts intersected in my mind. In regard to affinity groups, I plan to join BiLateral, since I want to network with other bisexual members of the community, as well as raise awareness on Michigan’s campus about ourselves. This subreddit is for anyone looking for advice about undergraduate college admissions, including college essays, scholarships, SAT/ACT test prep, and anything related to college applications. Feel free to ask any question! College essay examples from students accepted to Harvard, Stanford, and other elite schools. I was born in Hanoi, but truly, I am a child of the monsoon: it was in a summer storm that my mind first came alive. This makes me proud to be Vietnamese. Don’t ask why). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Things I’m thinking while reading this entire APP: What do I learn about this student, either implicitly or explicitly, in each part of the application? I obviously won't plagiarize them, but would love some guidance and insight in the essay process for Brown! If anyone has any accepted Brown Essays, I would really appreciate your help as an applicant with advice and modeling. Paradoxically, though I could not leave the house, my world had swelled beyond its four walls. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of a world beyond the physical that I had never seen before. He got in.” —OrbitBrazil via reddit.com, “One of the essays to get into the university that I attend was, what is your favorite word and why? For context, here is some information about me. I was determined to pursue that glimpse to the very end. Filled with excitement, I sped across the Pacific and landed in Pennsylvania. Here are some application essays that got the authors accepted into some big-name schools. “I wrote mine about Cottonelle wipes and how they changed my life. I grew into an advocate for queer students, both within the theatre company and at school as the co-president of Hill’s gay-straight alliance, a position that I have held for two years. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. Verona dazzled me with its opulence, Hamlet’s Denmark with stateliness. Less than 1 percent of those applicants receive it). these hilarious lines from celebrity commencement addresses, weirdest scholarships out there to help you pay for college, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. My imagination delighted in the tempest. 2. you wanna join the Brown 2018 Applicant Discord server? Hope they stocked up on these dorm room essentials. Outside of the classroom, I can pursue the optiMize challenge and devise practical solutions to the issues that impoverished communities face in Vietnam; with my intersectional perspective, I can provide a fresh outlook and facilitate our work with various demographics. I'm trying to figure out where your username comes from :))) but thank you, fellow Vietnamese. Brittany was accepted into five Ivy League schools and Stanford with her essay involving Costco. Instead, as my grandmother entertained me with seafaring tales, I folded paper-boats and set them on the ocean that had become of our living-room. The freedom that greeted me across the pond was exhilarating: for the first time, I was encouraged to broaden my intellectual horizons. In place of the endless odes to Stalin, I sought shelter in the Bard’s sonnets. if not, no prob. My initial hunger to overcome these linguistic boundaries has risen since to social and humanitarian ones as well, for as there are words without equivalents, there are communities whose disenfranchisement are unparalleled and cannot be resolved without understanding the history of civil rights worldwide. These skills facilitate the execution of policies that will empower disenfranchised citizens to overcome their legal and economic struggles. “My dormmate applied to UC Berkeley with excellent grades… but also an essay of… ‘What do Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, George Washington….etc, etc, etc have in common?’ Answer: ‘They were all amazing people. When she’s not writing articles about useful facts and pop culture, you can find Erin enjoying the local theater scene and working toward her goal of reading 50 books a year. With its smaller class size and emphasis on communal learning, the program and the varied experience of my fellow RC students will open my eyes to issues I have yet to undergo. My school’s theatre group is an ever-expanding Ohana; to quote Disney’s Lilo and Stitch, “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind.”. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer). Next, check out the weirdest scholarships out there to help you pay for college. Stats: 4.526 (W) GPA; 790 Chemistry and 800 US History SAT II; 35 ACT. report . Cookies help us deliver our Services. I was like…uh, did you at least take out all the stuff about Communism?” — Kay Aull via quora.com. No more was it only a series of discrete events, but it had blossomed into all the knowledge that this world had to offer, and my desire to explore humanity in multiple ways, instead of restricting myself to only one avenue, would similarly flourish at Michigan’s College of Life, Science, and the Arts due to its emphasis on interdisciplinary learning. She went into great detail about how she was OK living in a cupboard and she’d only ask to be let free once a month, but would absolutely return. Erin Kayata joined Reader’s Digest as an assistant staff writer in March 2019, coming from the Stamford Advocate where she covered education. Perhaps this applicant believed this would work. Oooh which city are you from? The furniture became islands, the floating ropes gigantic sea-dragons. I longed to discover experiences, ideals, and peoples that I never thought could exist in “real-life.”. No longer was my vision bound by the iron-wrought window; one hand on an imaginary spyglass, I was an adventurer heading past the end of the known world. Needless to say, her request was denied.” —Anonymous via reddit.com, “Worst case I’ve seen is a kid openly admit in his application essay that he was a habitual cheater throughout high school but it taught him how to become resourceful and think outside the box. I look out for the “othered”, lost, and lonely; I welcome them to a family that will never leave them behind.

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