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We're a tight knit team, respectful of each other, and dedicated to the fun found in profitable PvP. Welcome to our home - a collection of tools and intel that advises our actions. Albion Online : Guild - Dingo Inchained : Loot Logging program to discord Resources 1.17.405 / REV 175545 - 29 September 2020 | Server time, UTC: Gank those gankers because they DESERVE TO DIE, ALL OF THEM. https://discord.gg/EqQuH24. card. Chat with our multi-national guild mates and learn a thing or two about new languages while doing your gathering in a mind-numbing fashion, Get power-leveled if you ask really nicely, Find safety in the Black Zones, thanks to our alliance hideouts, Tentacles Fantasy is a Bridgewatch-based social guild with an international community that is committed to creating a fun environment for everyone. We are newbie friendly however anyone can join. Install Discord Killbot. Albion Helper Commands Prefix:

Guilds are able to claim territories and cities and attack territories and cities owned by other guilds. ... NEWBY’s Discord https://discord.gg/GNFsnXs www.newbyalliance.com. Are you new and lost about what to do? Trying to join a guild? Search; About; Contact; Top Guilds; Top Players; Join Discord Chat; Get AlbionOnline; Albion DB.
2. pinned by moderators. We are looking for someone who likes to play a bruiser or heavy cc class as well as another dps. A lot of players wonder whether it makes sense to join a guild in Albion Online. Post here! KVK registration number: 70654115, The Albion Online Database. Its me and my friend right now. It's a Discord Bot that notifies your channel when tracked character, guild or alliance dies or kills someone. Join. hot. Toggle navigation AlbionDB. Looks like there are no reviews for this bot yet. Guilds. You must be logged in to upvote bots! You can also add your own or any other discord server related to albion online, verification takes up to 24h before I'll set up some mechanism. All 1337, Sends information about the death of your guildman with full information 3, Albion Helper is a bot for server, which sends information about the battles of your guild in the game Albion Online. It’s a fair question, and depending on the type of player you are and your objectives in the game, it might seem like guides are a waste of time.
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