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What made our owners to choose us, you may ask. They were excited to hear from us and were a wealth of knowledge about adding a second dog and how they would get along. The book’s code number is 9788890998201 Traditional Cane Corsos are more imposing than their nontraditional counterparts due to their impressive musculature, bigger bones and generally larger frame, typical of most mastiff breeds. I consider the CC a cultural heritage and a work of art. Most of your dogs have that golden-orange colour in their eyes; all the old sources always say that the CC has “fire” in his eyes! Cane Corso / American Bulldog Puppies Winnipeg 21/10/2020. Great Danes and Boxers were two of the most commonly chosen breeds for this process. This is one of the most prestigious honors a Cane Corso breeder could ever achieve. For information on upcoming litters, please visit our puppies available page. Whether you desire to become further educated on the breed, interact with such an amazing species or inquire about adding a companion to your life, we invite you to further connect with us for an undoubtedly Royal Experience! Who is Dr. Breber and what does he say about the Outlaw bloodline and breeding program? These are not the places to find out the truth about this breed. The Cane Corso's geneology can be traced back to the Canis Pugnax, the Roman War dog of the first century. Our goals continually inspire us to selectively breed with experience to the historical standard, functional proficiency and natural guardian abilities true to the impressive genotype of the majestic Cane Corso. M.A.C Cane Corso. Mad River Cane Corso is owned and operated by award-winning breeders Darrel and Jennifer Hamren. If they come from Italian bloodlines, they called Cane Corso regardless of where they were born. From allowing us visits to great communication with our questions and needs, we are so happy we chose them as our now forever breeder. It’s as simple as that. Find out why this breed is a legendary dog! Breeding True Italian Mastiffs since 2002. (2020), Best Dog Food for a Shih Poo – Top 8 Picks! As your master Cane Corso breeder, I trust that this magnificent breed will enhance your life as much as they have ours. Dr. Breber now has one of his older books about the Cane Corso translated to English and can be purchased in e-book format (for a very minimal price). Our breeding … The Cane Corso has passionately been our breed of choice for close to a decade. Mad River Cane Corso is owned and operated by award-winning breeders Darrel and Jennifer Hamren. Americana Cane Corso is a boutique kennel dedicated to producing the best Cane Corsos in the world. Much like a Doberman, or any other breed. !”… Paolo Breber, “Anyway, judging from the dogs on your website you do have the true thing, not just in looks but in temperament as well; there’s nothing to add or subtract. We take great pride in our Cane Corsi. Our dogs are ICCF/AKC registered, raised on an all natural raw diet for the best development and participate in confirmation and are going to start working sports soon. The Cane Corso has passionately been our breed of choice for close to a decade. Dr. Breber (located in Italy) having discovered the Outlaw bloodline and after reviewing our breeding program, website and videos had the following unsolicited comments to make about us as a Cane Corso breeder! © 2020 by Royal Guardian Cane Corso. Our foundation remains rooted in passion for the breed. You might think you know everything there is to know about this ancient dog breed, but Cane Corsos are full of surprises. Find out more about the Outlaw difference. ‘Traditional’ Cane Corso refers to the population of Corsos descended directly and exclusively from those first dogs that came to the United States from Italy back in 1989. We reserved a Gladimor and Sarabi pup and have been so thankful since. Most of your dogs have that golden-orange colour in their eyes; all the old sources always say that the CC has “fire” in his eyes! Best Dog Allergy Test – Top 5 Picks! All Right Resevered. He recently completed his first course in obedience training and proved that he is a quick learner and is eager to please. While there is only one AKC-recognized Cane Corso breed (registered as the 165 th official breed in the United States just nine years ago in 2010), many Corso breeders and enthusiasts hold that there are in fact two separate lineages that have developed over the years: the traditional Cane Corso and the nontraditional Cane Corso. Location: Northern California. Father is a Cane Corso, mother is an American Bulldog. To say that without the work of Dr. Paolo Breber (biologist) the Cane Corso breed would now be extinct and you would have had no idea of what a Cane Corso was, would not be far from the truth. Nontraditional Corsos can be fine dogs, but they’re simply that: fine. it was peace.”, BE THE FIRST TO KNOW. Our training methods have proven time and time again that what you get with us is not only a well structured dog from our high quality champion lines, but … Not only do our dogs possess the breed’s iconic physique, they are smart, trainable, eager to please, loyal, noble, confident, and fearless protectors. Remember, the pups go out in the order of the deposits received. Gemma arrived a few weeks later. A flashy website does not equal a good breeder. Actually, you have more than you realize. If you wish to know the truth about this very old traditional breed and its correct history I strongly recommend this book! REAL PEOPLE, REAL DOGS, ROYAL EXPERIENCES. The American Cane Corso was created completely separate from the original Cane Corso. Do you consider yourself a Cane Corso expert or are you still a curious student? There are even a couple of Americans who somehow wish to take credit for this breed. He has dedicated decades of his life’s work to this breed and it’s recovery. u0003 Fueled both by passion for the iconic breed and the heritage of a Midwestern work ethic, our goal is to generate the very best this breed has to offer. After researching several breeders they gave us the absolute BEST EXPERIENCE! Cane Corso America Bulldog Puppies Born October 1st 2020 Mom is 50/50 and Dad is 100% Cane Corso Pups will be ready for new homes 3rd-4th week of November Our dogs and pups and very family oriented, love kids, love lots of land, love water, very healthy, and beautiful.

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