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Sometimes the best minimalistic ads say more than others ever could. See more ideas about Ads, Creative advertising, Print ads. Apple has a reputation for having some of the best advertisements in the world. The spiritual successor to the iconic 2000s series of ads (which we will talk about later), the Macintosh vs. Do you have a favorite print ad that doesn’t appear on our list? After the 1984 commercial, the commercial that launched Apple's Think Different campaign in 1997 is probably one of the most memorable ads for anything. Buy credits or subscribe today. For our list of the 25 best print ads, we pulled together the ones that made us laugh, were extremely impressive, a bit controversial, hard-hitting and brilliant pieces of work. There were a lot of detractors when the iMac was unveiled. The Newton line felt like something straight out of the future. With dozens of ads, you can find some that are silly, ahead of their time, and even some that get you thinking like some of the company heads, like the late Steve Jobs. The three ads depict a lump of kitchenware stacked and arranged so that they resemble a Big Mac, french fries and McSunday - three instantly recognizable McDonald’s products. 1996 Power Macintosh Ad, featuring David Carson (1/2). Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. In this classic Apple ad, Steve Job’s creativity shone through as this simple ad showed that the Macintosh was as easy to use as simply pulling an item out of a bag. For our list of the 25 best print ads, we pulled together the ones that made us laugh, were extremely impressive, a bit controversial, hard-hitting and brilliant pieces of work. With quite a few different variations out there, the Donald Trump/Kim Jong Un one spoke to us. Barilla used an inventive way to ring in the new year with a minimalistic ad using their spaghetti product as fireworks. We’re left to assume that Bruce was already wearing the bandage. Top 13 Productivity Habits for Freelancers, 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals for Designers, AI for Content Management: The Rising Trend of Content Intelligence, [Podcast] How to Grow Your Personal Brand with Tom Ross & Michael Janda, Best Photography Lighting Kits & Studio Lights for 2020, Branding, identity & logo design differences explained. 1996 Power Macintosh Ad, featuring David Carson (2/2). It was the iPad Mini before we had iPad Minis. With this ad from Gold’s Gym, it creatively uses a person’s body to show the type of changes that were made by going to their gym. Developed by Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO with photography by George Logan, the combination of a housecat hunting down prey is a striking image and comes in different variations including hunting elephants and zebras. Guinness has had enough of this disturbing trend by releasing an ad that takes those cell phones and stacks them to form an image of a pint of Guinness beer, reminding people that it is better to be social than isolated behind a phone screen. A world in which everyone has a grip. From the curious introductory price of $666.66 to spreads featuring David Carson, old Apple and Mac ads are fascinating. The add doubles as a pregnancy test that if positive, will offer a half-price coupon for a new baby crib. The image is very readable and portrays the magazine’s attitude, ethos and most importantly, the product perfectly. Even though this is our list, it may not match your as our list may be a bit subjective, we hoped that we pointed out all of the creative ideas that advertising agencies use to promote a product. Developed for use by roadside food carts, JWT Hong Kong created this cup lids to bring awareness to the air pollution issue. One of the first ads Apple put out was this humorous ad in the early ’90s, “we’re looking for the most original use of an Apple since Adam”. Advertisement Sometimes Apple made great bad ads, like this one. We took a look at some of the best Apple print ads from the over the years and decided that these are 12 of the best ever. I would like to receive mail from Future partners. This Apple ad was a bit more simple. Arguably, one of the most important products in Apple's lifetime.

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