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athlon ares btr vs vortex pst gen 2

Whatsoever, Vortex is for almost 20 millimeters longer. If you want to add weight to your wallet, make your money go a little further and make your rifle a little lighter then the Ares is the scope for you! I thought they would lighten up with use or with warming the scope, but neither of those things changed the stiff controls. Vortex Viper PST Gen. 2 is for almost 20 millimeters longer than the Athlon Ares, but is still lighter in weight because of the smaller main tube diameter. I will say that I'm shocked at the quality of the glass from China. Vortex is available only in matte black color, Athlon Ares, on the other hand, in matte black and matte brown. Hope this is the one your intrested in. The clicks on both rifle scopes are really great and are better then I expected. The ˝bad˝ thing is, that the only additional accessory you get from Athlon is a 4-inch long sunshade. Both are fairly new on the market, Vortex since 2017 and Athlon since 2018. From a total of 128 points, Vortex Viper PST Gen. 2 got incredible 93 points and Athlon Ares ETR only 35. The parallax and illumination adjustment are much better on the Vortex, but because of the smaller main tube diameter, you have less elevation adjustment for extreme long range shooting. The good, the bad and the ugly. I use my CB and my AR mostly for fun. I realize that getting hands on either of these scopes right now, particularly the Athlon, is a chore. The reflections (chromatic aberration) in the Vortex are much clearer to see, especially on white surfaces where the light breaks in all colors. The Ares is made in China and that just sends chills down my spine!! As soon as you said 7LRM I knew who you were. Has anyone compared the glass in the Ares to the PST Gen 2? Either way, they do not have them in stock. Then the clicks feel more positive and you can make easier only 1 click. Whatsoever, the clicks on Athlon are stronger, so you can easily make 2 or even 3 clicks when you start to turn the turret for only 1 click. What do I look for in a scope?-price -Scope Tracks true and returns to zero -FFP -Quality glass -light weight -appropriate reticle -magnification (IMO 4-24x is perfect power range) -aesthetically pleasing.

The only category Athlon won was in the inner reflections. Vortex won against Athlon in the optical comparison with 93 points against only 35. The Vortex is double the price. Both have a Christmas-tree design, and both are illuminated. Because of this, the illumination can be adjusted very precise, perfect for shooting in dusk or dawn, where the light conditions are constantly changing. The smallest line spacing in the Athlon reticle is 0.2 MIL, what is also very precise, especially because you have a bigger maximum magnification. I have to neck turn all my brass and anneal it every reload. Ive never used Athlon but like what ive read about them.  Initial impressions are very positive, but it is not on the gun yet.

Whatsoever, in one category Athlon scored more points than Vortex, and this is in the inner reflections. The APRS1 reticle from Athlon has a small dot in the middle, and the EBR-2C reticle from Vortex has an open center. The reticles used in both rifle scopes are already known, because both company’s use them also in their most expensive rifle scopes. The warranty on both products in Europe is 10 years, but both manufacturers advertise a lifetime warranty. None-the-less we always try our best to hide all the labels that can give away the products ID. The Argos BTR GEN2 family is great for those looking to get started in PRS or other long range shooting disciplines. You mentioned the gen 1 tracking problems of the viper pst...does the gen 2 have the same issues? On the Athlon, in my opinion, the clicks of the elevation turret could be improved, so the adjustments would be the same in both directions. looks like they have them in stock. The EBR-2C MRAD reticle from Vortex has an open center for easier aiming on small targets, and the APRS1 reticle from Athlon has a very small floating dot, which helps you to quicker concentrate at the target.

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