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benelli carrier latch modification

That is why I often receive questions about semi-auto shotguns because they are mostly used in 3-Gun. You need to load your shotgun quick in order to win competitions. Also, it is used with groups of close targets on birdshot stages. I don’t think that photo with comparison of the spring will be useful, but here are the measurements: The ammo I used, factory choke, aftermarket Carlsons choke. Such modification should be done by an experienced person or professional gunsmith. In case with carrier latch the new spare one should be polished, drilled and tapped to be able to accept an oversized bolt release button. The toughest part was getting it off after each attempt at getting it right. 2.8. I had the following problem after the shot: Shotshell was hitting the edge of the latch which should have allowed it to pass through. I plan to install the X-RAIL magazine and the modification of the loading port but I will leave that for the next article. I really appreciate your information posted. For what it's worth loading feels no easier...need to send it off to the pros! Upload or insert images from URL. The solution which enabled him to fix that problem was using a follower from the XRAIL with the Browning A5 instead of with the Benelli M2. Special thanks to my friends: Igor, Oleg, Maxim, Oleg and Patrick for help :). Prehistory: I was in a match in Hungary in 2015 and there was a slug stage. 2.11.

The main purpose of the Rem870.com blog and forum is to have a compilation of information about the Remington 870 shotgun in one organized, accessible place.

Just use a regular cotton cloth and degrease the place of installation with something you usually use.

Shotgun chokes are another feature that can help you perform well during competitions. Most of the shooters in this sport use Benelli M2 or Beretta 1301 Competition shotguns.

Benelli M2 Carrier Latch The bolt mod I've been told about is to unshroud the firing pin on the botton of the bolt so that if the bolt is not fully in battery the hammer will still be able to contact the firing pin and set off the round. Therefore, I replaced the Modified choke that I had with a new one. This was the one that I made myself from a piece of aluminum. Some of the issues are very typical and obvious but I will describe them anyway.

Didn’t help. Your email address will not be published. I have lost a lot of time on stages.

I've had it happen to me once in practice and I thought I had outrun the trigger. There is similar auto lifter by MOA Precision but I didn’t have a chance to test it. I am member of the PRACTICA shooting club. but decided to use the 5th one. The rear part becomes deformed but I didn’t have problems with it. I had cleaned and lubed the trigger group and bolt but that didn’t help. No feed on start and during the stage. It is the most affordable magazine extension on the market.   Your link has been automatically embedded. This post will cover most of the Benelli M2 upgrades, accessories, and modifications. Tips and advices: If you modify something, make sure that you have a spare part. 8. Why is this important? I run M2 in 3 gun and SBE II hunting and do gunsmithing on the side for 3 gun folks and I have used your post to help diagnose some modified M2 that were stumbling under competition use and it sure did get me on track to fix some minor issues. Shop online for Benelli USA recoil pads, parts kits, sights, magazine limiter plugs, bolt handles, magazine caps, rifle magazines, recoil reducers, scope bases, rails and stock adjustment shim kits. Here are the photos of the old and new carriers: Tips and advices: Carefully search for the problem, maybe one of your parts requires replacement. This could be a shotgun held in a weak hand or when the shotgun is lying on a table. There are many versions of the Benelli M2 that are made specifically to cater to their intended use. It is pretty small and easy to lose during disassembly. The most commonly used bolt release buttons are: Beretta 1301 comes with an oversized safety, bolt handle and bolt release button from the factory. Manufacturer recommends to have 14-16″ extending past the end of the magazine tube. I have nothing more to share :) Thanks for reading :), Related post: Benelli M2 Shotgun Upgrades, Accessories and Modifications for 3-Gun and Practical Shooting. You can also take a dremel to the two opposing notches to reduce the tension on the carrier latch (shell stop) just don't go too far. Readers of the blog know that I like to often participate in dynamic/practical shotgun shooting competitions (they have different names such as the International Practical Shooting Confederation, United States Practical Shooting Association, 3-Gun Nation, International Defense Pistol Association, etc). ... M2 Performance Shop Waterfowl Shell Latch. Warning and info about those hard to load M2 20 gauge guns. Because you may accidentally activate it while loading ammunition and you will have a round on the carrier while still trying to load ammo into the magazine tube. The shotshell was hitting the edge of the chamber with almost half of the diameter of the shotshell, and I had to search for another problem. 2.4. I don't want to screw up any expensive benelli parts either. Paste as plain text instead, × I didn’t have any problems after I started doing that. You can put it on the forend, drill a hole and install it as designed by the manufacturer. I’ve said it before and Ill say it again, WHAT A PEICE OF CRAP. They stabilize and support the magazine tube.
You should just remove it and buy a 3M adhesive strip and use it to attach the sight to the vent rib.

Trigger Group Pin He even used it during the “Ukrainian Shotguns” competition without any problems. The most commonly used safety buttons are: Recommended products: The factory one still works properly but I like to have a spare one. First of all, thoroughly clean the place in the chamber where the extractor enters it.

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