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Going shopping? If you didn’t know already, Talk Boba is the most engaging boba community on the internet (we’re so grateful for this). “I love how they have the option to choose between white rice, brown rice, “Currently, Surreal Creamery is running a buy 3 get 1 special for, “They offer a large variety of Asian desserts, but they specialize in their, The tea Shoppe has an exceptional selection of. Give Woosa Bubble Tea a try! I will be back again and again to satisfy my boba craving! Check out our drinks! *Being a part of the Amazon Associates Program, Talk Boba may or may not receive support from the audience clicking the links listed on our site. too, has become my favorite Chinese restaurant. , both were great but the fries were salted and fried perfectly. Bring your customers exactly what they want by planning your menu according to their demographics. --my boyfriend did, and I stole as many bites as I could when he wasn't looking. And a small snack! Stopped by today for the first time and ordered the So Nuts Acai Bowl with Peanut Butter instead of. Talk Boba is here to tell you the exact boba places that are the best in town. See all Poke Bowl reviews, “They also have bbq sticks, bbq rice dishes, but my favorite is bubble tea with a toasted banh mi/Vietnamese sub.” Not only is the inspiration for the cafe so wonderful, but the bubble tea and food is too. With over 200+ reviews for Teapioca Lounge, you can trust the community when asking what is the best boba cafe around town, First, before we talk about their bubble tea, we, want to mention that when you first walk into this store you’ll see this amazing mural. . See all Moge Tee reviews, “Had the lamb cumin burger, fries, spicy mala noodles, and some skewers.” See all Sakai Ramen reviews, “When I went in, it was spacious, bummer that we can't sit in due to COVID and all.” The mango smoothie is good and the milk tea never fails to hit my cravings!” Maybe we’ll grab some sushi tomorrow for lunch! Place for the food - or chains that matter - save for the occasional meal at Cafe Spice. You can play their app store games and drink boba at the same time, now that’s meta! See all Boba Le Tea Cafe reviews, “I ordered the honey osmanthus & honey pineapple, both refreshing on a hot summer day.” See all Café y Chocolate reviews, “I went to the location in New York's Chinatown and got the oolong milk tea, 30% sweeten with herb jelly and bubbles.” Here’s another spot located in Philadelphia, Woosa! Cheapest lunch you can get in center city.” places popping up, I always end up finding myself back. How cool is that? See all Mr. $ Bubble Tea, Coffee & Tea, Juice Bars & Smoothies “They have the best bubble tea in town so far! See all Yaya Tea Newark reviews, “The brown sugar milk tea is still my favorite bubble tea order of all time, and now I can get my fix whenever.” , it boasts pinto beans and guacamole- an atypical but phenomenal combination. See all Want A Smoothie reviews, “I ordered the Snow Crab and Shrimp Seafood Combo and a Thai Tea.... where can you get crab legs and a Thai Tea?” Serving up your classic or traditional flavors like matcha milk tea, Thai milk tea, or black milk tea, you know you’ll be taken care of here!

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