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When living with borderline personality disorder, it’s easy to do something cringey or embarrassing… like saying “Fuck it!” and going to a party, getting trashed, and then calling up your former FP, crying and snotting all over the phone. 1. She never made me feel like I was being a burden. I wanted to die, but I knew I couldn’t do that to my wife and to my family and friends. I need that reassurance that I am OK. 2020 Mighty Proud Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The attention she gave me made me feel like I was worth something. The infamous favorite person… the person that someone with borderline personality disorder filters their world view around… the source of comfort… the everything. 2020 Mighty Proud Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Note: When I went through middle school, it was common for kids to not have cell phones. She continually said she would do anything for me, drop everything to be there for me. We would always talk about me. Keep using the coping techniques we talked about. Because of this, I decided to compile a list of things FPs need to know about what to expect. Privacy She wasn’t mean, the message was reasonable. Two weeks went by without her texting me. What you do today will determine how you feel a week from now. I will always miss Sarah. I even offered her the chance to walk away, although I hoped she wouldn’t take it. I had thought before I might have BPD, but my doctor was very dismissive and told me he saw no evidence of it, so I had forgotten it. You can’t jump from one FP to another, expecting it to be perfect. I was in pieces. At the time I met her, I was just realizing I had obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). I apologized, but she didn’t reply. I have a wife but I became so close to Sarah that I would tell her more than I told my wife. The difference between having a “best friend” and a “favorite person,” especially for someone with borderline personality disorder, is the intensity and obsessive thoughts that surround the favorite person. My desperate attempts to stop her leaving had driven her away. You can’t force it. It’s not really your choice.

I’d ask how she was and she would always say, “Fine.” I knew that wasn’t really the truth but I didn’t question her because I wanted to talk about myself. How could anyone show they cared more than telling me I needed to be in hospital? I know from being an FP that I did everything I could to be there for them.

It drove me “mad,” my brain was filled with continual thoughts that she hated me and that I was a terrible friend and not worth anything. I had every intention of making sure things didn’t go back to the same pattern they had before. When the darker days come, you need to keep coping. I didn’t want that to happen with anyone else, so I had to make the effort to try and recover from my illnesses. It appears you entered an invalid email. This post was originally written for The Fractured Light. The one thing I was terrified of actually ended up making me better. I sent one back saying I was upset that she had taken so long to say it but that I respected her decision. You might want to beg, curse, and plead until this is no longer a reality. I had never seen anyone that worried about me and it proved to me she cared about me. Block their phone number, unfollow from social media, temporarily.

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