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My number one thing is voice acting. This also makes her a delight to interview, although we did chat about some of the sucky parts of being a newly famous person. Show{{#moreThan3}} {{value_total}}{{/moreThan3}} comments.

They think that I’m homeless. She weighs around 55 Kg or 121 lbs. A lot of TikTokers I’ve talked to say it’s been tough to separate their hometown friends from people who just want to use them for clout.

She has not given any insights about her dating life. Who is Brittany Broski? You did something really funny or something really innovative and it gained you a bunch of followers, and now every time you post an Instagram picture, that’s what they’re going to comment.

Adults on the internet typical recognize Brittany Tomlinson from the video that went viral on Twitter almost exactly one year ago of herself trying — then hating, and then sort of liking — kombucha for the first time. That’s hard for a lot of people. It’s a very respectable position, and I got fired because I was dicking around on the internet. Me trying Kombucha for the first time #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #AllBrandNew. By the time that I was in LA, I already had [the agency] UTA on my team, so I had a meeting at the headquarters of every single social media platform. “This is how you speak within these online communities.”.

welcome to peepeepoopoo time. That isn’t the reason Tomlinson, known on TikTok as Brittany Broski, is one of the most beloved creators on the internet right now. Profile Analytics; All Videos ; Video Analytics; Daily analysis; Challenge Statistics; Following +10%. FurnitureFlip I feel like people like my content because it’s very genuine, but at what point will genuine turn into oversharing and an invasion of privacy? In early September, about a week after I got fired, I was flown out to LA by a kombucha company. You will never catch me with the Supreme fanny pack across my chest.

What’s the reaction to your fame been like from friends and family? If you want to be a content creator, do it. 16 Watch the latest video from brittany (@broski.britt). Are you part of the latter crew? Some argued that non-Black people online needed far more education about AAVE and “digital blackface” (the act of using Black memes as avatars of yourself when you are not Black).

It’s fun.

The worst thing is searching your name on social media and seeing people talk about you. It seems like there are two TikTok worlds in LA, like the Hype House kids and then the cool alt kids. have crept into mainstream vernacular, via mediums like memes and popular shows like.

If Trump won’t concede, these activists have a plan.

I feel like I still haven’t really grasped the concept of being viral literally a year later, because I don’t know. foryoupage It’s always been like that, because last summer, alt-TikTok was TikTok. She stands at a height of 5 ft 3 in tall or else 1.63 m or 163 cm.

Convoys of Trump supporters have taken to the road around the country in the closing days of the election.

HomeGym So much of the fun of TikTok is this thinking that “maybe this will go viral!” Does it worry you that all anyone seems to want right now is fame?

@brittany_broski has posted 501 videos on TikTok which have received total of 191.4M likes from other users. Final Pennsylvania presidential polls have Biden winning the pivotal swing state. And then [straight TikTok] gets credit for it.

If it does shitty, then it does shitty, but at least you like it.

They might miss him, too. I don’t want to, I’m very happy in my little bubble, but it’s just this delusion of, “I’m 15 and Emma Chamberlain does it so I can do it.” You have no idea all the stresses that Emma Chamberlain goes through to do what she does. It was insane. She was featured in an article published by the New York Times in August of 2019.

Kombucha Girl.

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