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The problem is, they can become pests for homeowners in certain situations. Just make sure you use a fence designed specifically for this purpose. Well, that pretty much gives you an answer about killing them! Armadillos possess keen hearing abilities. They are also found eating earthworms, scorpions, spiders and are sometimes found scavenging on dead animals too! It doesn’t really matter much to the males even if a female is not showing any interest he’ll still be in close proximity to her. These bacteria need a cool skin for it to easily propagate and Armadillos are creatures with low body temperature. Ideally, the armadillo will be able to push its way out of the burrow through the mesh. Be Her Village. 14. While in the case of southern three-banded (Tolypeutes matatus) armadillos the pups remain deaf and blind for the first 3 to 4 weeks after their birth. Some of the methods, like using the scent of predators, will scare them away, but there are other steps you can take to remove armadillos if they’ve already decided to start taking up residence in your lawn. They can harm you with their strong claws If not properly handled. It may be located around a structure like a shed. PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | FAMILY & PARENTING, Walker's Mammals of the World; Ronald M. Nowak; 1999, The Nine-Banded Armadillo; Colleen M. McDonough and W. J. Loughry; 2013, Florida; Fiona Sunquist, Mel Sunquist and Les Beletsky; 2007, A Guide to the Mammals of the Southeastern United States; Larry N. Brown; 1997, Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year; M. Timothy O'Keefe, Aransas - A Naturalist's Guide; Wayne H. McAlister; 1995, University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web: Dasypodidae. Armadillos are strong diggers and can do a lot of damage to a garden or lawn if they find their way onto your property when looking for food. Armadillo is a tasty snack for many predators. I have been fascinated by our natural world and am here to share that wonder with you. Armadillos are also known for their strong power of smell which assists them in finding food. It’s a common belief that human urine is an Armadillo repellent but it is NOT. 4. Shape The World. Armadillos are found to smell things that are 20cms buried underground. This means the damage they do isn’t simply restricted to cosmetic issues (Source). They have 4 toes in front with a center toe that is elongated and 5 toes in the back with 3 elongated center toes. Eventually, they’ll decide that your property is not hospitable, moving on to other areas. For the best results, try to find the armadillo’s burrow. Large ears can help them detect low frequencies such as the subtle motions of insects in the dirt. You want to get armadillos off your property, but you also want to make sure you’re not breaking the law when trapping them. These species are found in the grassy lands in Brazil and they mostly feed on larvae of beetles. This same species is also nicknamed the “hillbilly speed bump”. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the signs of an infestation. Armadillos don’t actually see or hear very well. It’s worth noting that you should make an effort to protect the inside of your home from armadillo intruders as well. This article will provide suggestions you can apply in order to keep armadillos off your property for good. If you don’t have a dog and don’t think the sprinkler option is ideal for your needs, consult with a pest control specialist to learn about animals in your area that naturally prey on armadillos. They are able to float on the water by filling their lungs and stomach … That’s because armadillos are so naturally accustomed to digging for food that they often pay no mind to food that is found on the surface. In the case of 9 banded Armadillos, their pups start to venture out of the burrow with their mom 2 to 3 weeks after birth. There is some evidence to suggest that using other simple materials you may have around the house to make a repellent can be an effective and affordable way to keep armadillos off your property. That’s why pest control experts recommend familiarizing yourself with ways of repelling and trapping them if you do notice signs of their presence. Call the professionals to handle the task of removing it from your property. The digging and burrowing that armadillos do when looking for food can damage root systems. An average Armadillo will run away of it is threatened or they will withdraw their whole body into their carapace and seek protection. Ask someone in management if they think you have money in the budget for this idea. They are the smallest of the 20 species of Armadillos and do not grow longer than 5 inches. The best thing to do would be to drop mothballs into Armadillo burrows. This is a worthwhile tactic to attempt if you’re looking to scare armadillos away without the help of another animal. Among the 20 species only the long-nosed armadillos which are found in the United States. Even if their home ranges overlap they are still seen to have low levels of interactions with one another. Just make sure any chemicals you apply to your lawn are safe, especially if you have children or pets who spend time out in the yard.

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