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One factor that limits the bargaining power of consumers is the types of products that are sold within the industry. By making use of strategic alliances and R&D within the organisation, Samsung Electronics has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors, and develop a strong patent base, that allows it to continue to innovate and develop new products. However, this also means that Samsung Electronics is able to supply many components to itself, without relying on an external supplier and the changes in prices that are associated with this (Lee, 2012). Remember That Your Company Should Be A Place That People Want to Work. As an organisation, Samsung Electronics is at a considerable disadvantage compared to its main competitor Apple, as Apple has dominated the market for a long time and has a large number of patents in place. This is because an organization that wants to achieve a positive organizational culture is not supposed to tolerate any form of unethical practices or dishonesty and if there are such cases, immediate actions should be adopted to eliminate them.Identify two (2) leadership qualities you would look for in employees. This approach was a significant step away from the initial strategy of the organisation, which was to mimic the products of rival companies. Having leadership skills means that these individuals have organizational goals and they can fit in the big picture. While Samsung Electronics is facing problems with patents in some areas, potentially restricting its ability to develop and sell some types of products, Samsung Electronics does have a strong patent base of its own. Imagine You Are Creating A New And Innovative Technology Company. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. From simple essay plans, through to full dissertations, you can guarantee we have a service perfectly matched to your needs. Porter’s Five Forces analysis is an effective way of analysing the position of an organisation within its external environment. A second limitation is that the infrastructure is subject to environmental influences, so extreme weather, such as a hurricane or a storm can limit or disable the network. Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you: Further, the ability of the internet to connect millions of people with unique and creative ideas has made innovative technology even easier. This section considers some of the external and internal information that is available on Samsung Electronics, and examines what this information means for the technological position and strategy of the organisation. Samsung Electronics breaks its mobile communications division into two distinct types of products; these are mobile phones and smart phones. Remember that your company … If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Assignment 1: Creating a Culture of InnovationDue Week 3 and worth 200 pointsImagine you are creating a new and innovative technology company. Environmental: The manufacture of Samsung Electronics’ products, like the products of most industries, has the potential to significantly impact the environment. Samsung Electronics has also focused on the development of a comprehensive academia-based support program, which aims to align the R&D needs of the organisation with the development of promising students within academic fields (Samsung, 2012c). Therefore some of the desired characteristics of people I would want to associate with include the following.Employees should encourage teamwork and show that they are willing to work together and will not fight. What are the ways you can help ensure that the company’s culture fosters creativity and innovation among employees. 18th May 2017 The development of substitute products is detrimental to Samsung Electronics, as it decreases the ability of Samsung Electronics to control the market, as consumers can switch to another product easily. It is relatively easy for consumers to switch from one company to another based on which offers better options and lower costs. The company maintains a relatively consistent market share of mobile phones, moving from a market share of 19.8% in 2009 to 21.2% in 2011. This course requires use of new Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). Imagine you are creating a new and innovative technology company. The patents that Apple owns may potentially make it very difficult for Samsung Electronics to develop new innovative technology and introduce it into the highly competitive mobile phone and mobile computing market. Option 2: Use a company from the technology or pet industry that interest vb you.

This includes a significant reduction in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are produced by the company (Samsung, n.d.).This focus allows Samsung Electronics to improve its performance in this area. * Social- The company needs to create a team of employees who can easily communicate with the customers and other employees. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. This may make it difficult for Samsung Electronics to continue to develop a competitive lead over other organisations within the industry. While this approach does not immediately increase the R&D of Samsung Electronics, it does provide the potential for increased R&D and innovation in Samsung Electronics in the future, as the sponsorship of Samsung Electronics makes it a well-known name among students expressing skills in the required areas. Political: Samsung Electronics sells its products throughout the world, and because of this, it faces many political risks in some of the countries in which it operates.

The patents that Apple owns may potentially make it very difficult for Samsung Electronics to develop new innovative technology and introduce it into the highly competitive mobile phone and mobile computing market. Every new form of technology … The technology strategy of any organisation is based on two key types of information. This includes tablets, laptops, PDAs and non-smart phones (‘dumb phones’). * Exceptional problem-solving skills- Employees should have the ability to resolve the problems that come up within the company. The format. Remember that your company should be a place that people want to work. From college and university application essays to dissertations and any other type of document, our writing service will make it easier for you to succeed in academia. Socio-Cultural: As technology has continued to develop and improve, telecommunication has become an essential component of business and recreation for people throughout the world. The purpose of this report is to comprehensively examine the technological position and technology strategy that is used at Samsung Electronics, maintaining a strong focus on the innovation of the company.

Along with its subsidiaries, Samsung Electronics is responsible for the production, distribution and sale of a wide range of devices and electronic products throughout the world (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012a). There are many barriers to entry into the industry, including the need to develop a strong customer base and brand recognition quickly, the fact that many consumers exhibit strong brand loyalty, the capital requirements involved in entering the industry, government regulations and retaliation by the companies that currently dominate the industry. This approach helps to protect the company against litigation, and develops a secure base for the development and utilisation of new technology. As a result of this, the R&D department at Samsung Electronics contained 55,320 staff members in 2011, an increase of more than 10% from 2010. Samsung Electronics is also renowned for its innovation, receiving 30 Innovation Awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2012, which is considered to be the largest consumer technology tradeshow. Assignment 1: Creating a Culture of Innovation. Currently, Samsung Electronics is recognised as the 17th best brand globally, and the 38th most admired company, which is a position that Samsung Electronics hopes to change. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details. However, these are limited in their ability to act as a substitute. What does their background and previous experience look like? New Product Development Process Sample Essay. Retrieved from Samsung (2012b). The starting up of a business is creation. Imagine you are creating a new and innovative technology company. The internal information is focused on the capabilities and resources of the business, and considers what potential that a business has to acquire and master particular technologies. This lowers the bargaining power of suppliers, and allows Samsung Electronics not to be driven by the demands of its suppliers. Smart phones have been becoming increasingly popular as a device, offering consumers many functions, including voice calling, applications and the ability to play music. Observers argue that the patents that Apple has gained are too general to be reasonable and serve to stifle innovation. Our academic experts are ready and waiting to assist with any writing project you may have.
The two companies are the most significant competitors within the market for smartphones mobile computing devices (Aljazeera, 2012). PDAs are also limited, as this is not an area that is being extensively developed, and most PDAs lack the features of a smart phone, or a mobile phone. In this assignment, consider the culture, management, and leadership of your organization. Patent litigation has been going on in many countries throughout the world between these two companies, with Apple claiming that Samsung Electronics has infringed its patents in the development of their smart phones, and seeking to have many of Samsung Electronics’ devices blocked from the market (Aljazeera, 2012). Reference this. Remember that your company should be a place that people want to workDescribe the characteristics of the people you would want working at your company, in relation to the culture you are trying to cultivate.Identify two (2) leadership qualities you would look for in employees. What does their background and previous experience look like?Discuss your company’s organizational culture. Samsung Electronics has developed from a company that was insignificant on the world stage, and known for producing cheap, low quality products, to a world leader in electronics. This helps the company remain competitive, while being aware of how to take the best advantage of its market. VAT Registration No: 842417633. Strong brand loyalty means that many consumers may accept higher prices and fewer services than they could demand otherwise. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Many successful brands that have developed from within this culture, including Samsung Electronics. This infrastructure is critical for ensuring that data and voice transfers occur efficiently and that there are not any delays. Samsung Electronics is present in a highly competitive industry, where companies are competing against one another for not only in terms of the price of their products, but also their innovation and uniqueness. The company is focusing on continued growth and hopes to become the leader in the global IT industry (Samsung, 2012d).

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