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custom bermuda sprigging

Well may have change to try that little later this year. Want to sprig it with TIF 85. All sprigs are packed, watered, and tarped before shipping. Well, I was approved for EQUIP funds to seed my hay & pasture land with clover.

Machine Plus 40 bu. at sdn, our agricultural services are varied, and we wear lots of hats. Knot under horse's neck...a bit bigger than a golf ball. Discuss the ins and outs of the showring. Ormond Bermuda is quite different from the rest in the sense that its thin small leaves have a tint of bluish hues.

I had to learn a lot the hard way but did still get a lot of help from a few people. This is not recommended for shared computers. To have a few acres done soon this year and different person (gentleman I used in 17 retired) and he says he will use 100 bushels per acre. It was for putting forage in row crop land to prevent erosion on highly erosion prone areas. All sprigs are weed and ryegrass free. Make sure you follow up with the Diuron at about 1 - 2 qts. Horse management, health, feeding and grooming. / acre to prevent other grasses from coming up. Every forage type has its issues but what doesn’t. Sprigs can be baled upon request. Question: I am getting different advice on bed preparation.

I spent much of my day trying to get the ridges he left level. Is only preventive?

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The final sprigging option is to plant green tops (stolons). Being from Idaho, it's not a familiar concept for me, either. He disks it in with lever on back of disk and it has always given him smooth field and good stand. Thanks Lynn. If you have not talked with your Hay Specialty Agent would track them down. All sprigs are weed and ryegrass free.

Don’t worry about posting things on Haytalk, I think everyone here likes to learn as well as educate each other. Very true Troyfarmer. For the dairy folks and/or beef folks with questions about udders, milk and mastitis. I have found the clover thing doesn't work if you are raising hay. I’ve just got a good education this morning! Submit your photo today! Share knowledge or ideas about doing anything and everything. Several functions may not work. Looking forward to see it popping up.

I had a gentleman allow me to come and interview him abotu the process. A friendly place for chat, rumors, gossip and jokes.

Sprigging bermuda? I was going to do a controlled burn. You are using an out of date browser. – $475 per acre Machine Plus 60 bu. Not all Coastal. This is done during the summer (June and July) with stolons that are 18 to 24 inches in length and having six or more nodes.

Post your favorite recipes or get help with a cooking problem here. Light rain earlier in the week, Tuesday I think. Planting sprigs with green leaves and stolons helps ensure sprig survival,” says Hancock, who suggests a planting rate of 40 to 70 bushels per acre. Sprigs for sale: Tifton 85 certified by Texas Department of Agriculture; Jiggs Bermuda; Coastal Bermuda; Sprigs dug fresh daily and can be loaded on your trailer or delivered by dump trailer/semi-truck and trailer. They aren’t selling their hay like we are so quality doesn’t seem to bother them.

May be getting some rain in next two or three days, sure would please me. I will pass along any info I can. Sprigs can be baled upon request. All sprigs are packed, watered, and tarped before shipping. lol When I had my coastal sprigged I did a lot of that. Ideas, questions and pictures of your friends. I will help you all I can. Post by gertman » Tue Aug 28, 2007 3:28 am 1)What's the cost for sprigging bermuda per acre (coastal or tifton 85 varieties)? Also, no expert here for certainly has been of no value to me (sad to say think there is favoritism in it) check on grants for the sprigging. The final sprigging option is to plant green tops (stolons).

Now it is mainly johnson grass. Am not impressed. Sprigs $9.50 bu. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. (Honest, this isn't self-promotion of our magazine ... just thought some of you would like to see what's involved.). The sprigging process and the equipment have been described to me with some very variable terms. Discuss your favorite brand and how to fix it. The guy yesterday had much smaller roller which did not even cover the full width of his sprigger. Do realize size of sprigs could vary with the variety of bermuda.

@SCtrailrider .Come see my place in a few weeks when all is green and pretty . I was amazed at the sprigging process when I had my field sprigged 9 years ago. I had a gentleman allow me to come and interview him abotu the process.

The Fescue just isn't working for hay production so it's time for a major change.. For you fellas around upstate SC, if you know a sprigger let me know, I would like to get on the list for next spring and find out what my choices are for types of Bermuda.

It may shed some light for those of you who aren't familiar with this process.

They all say sprig … That is an interesting article. Discuss grasses and how to grow and harvest them. I am not aware of any real hay grown near me other than Bermuda. Forecast right now is fair chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. and business persons, who take seriously the responsibility of land stewardship, profits, and the environment. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your favorite breed. He and two others who work with same did a class here three weeks back I think. Get an answer. Was told years ago with our heat and think nearness to the ocean we were limited on choices. – $380 per acre Machine Plus 50 bu. Sprig and Sprigging Service: Tiffian 85, Bermuda & Coastal: Custom Sprig Grass: For more information regarding our grass services, please complete our information request. Caney Creek Ranch Grass Sprigs and Sprigging Service We also offer custom sprigging service for both Tiffian 85 and Jiggs. From the latest tomato tips to sweetcorn calamities, share your experiences in the garden. All the extension forage programs I have attended around here are focused towards pasture. Call for pricing: Cattle Today Announcements & Forum Use Support, Wanting to buy truck but need ur help w/the correct bale bed language, Efficient transmission of US scrapie agent by intralingual route to genetically susceptible sheep with a low dose inoculum, Selling a few heifers - curious what youd pay. We got a very good rain this past Friday on it. Last Planting Date: 3rd Week of July Sprigs … A lot of cow/calf around here very few folks have just straight hay fields. No idea on the field the sprigs came from but they ran a very large roller (made from oil well pipe) behind the sprigger. I know about the EQUIP program, I'm on it this year to plant clover in my fields, but sense I quit using Grazon P&D a few years back every year I have more weeds than the year before, in fact I'm getting ready to spray this week, I think I'm going to not use the EQUIP this year and apply for the sprigging  next year, seems all I do is spray weeds and more come back a month later, I think it's time to go back to Grazon for me.. 2)How long after sprigging does it take to get your first cutting of hay assuming you get enough rain? Ormond Bermuda Grass. Discuss the things that affect the cattle industry.

“Root reserves are initially low, so make sure the sprigs are vigorous and healthy before digging. not only do we provide consulting and custom grass planting of both improved bermuda grass and native grass seed; but, we ourselves, are landowners, ranchers, hunters.

I only recently learned we had a County Agent (well about five counties have the same one) who works with hay and forage. 3)How many bushels of sprigs … Got a calving or breeding question? Instructions to help you enjoy these Q&A Boards. Planting sprigs with green leaves and stolons helps ensure sprig survival,” says Hancock, who suggests a planting rate of 40 to 70 bushels per acre. NRSC had or still has the EQUIP Program. Been on hay talk since last year and wondered what you fellas were talking about when you mentioned sprigging and Bermuda grass.being from Canada I’ve never heard of such a process.i guess you never stop learning here on hay talk. In the past, some of you have wondered about the bermudagrass sprigging process (as have I). For Information Regarding any of our Services Contact:

Bumped into a large hay grower mid day and he said he does not sprig his coastal.

– $570 per acre Midland 99 Tall, upright growth, tolerates low pH soils, leaves are 2-4 cm and produces seedheads later than other forage varieties. Not familiar with that. The gentleman who did my first sprigging two years ago has retired. The song they sing for pasture around here don't cut it for the hay farmer. Also, report issues you are having with the software and asking how to do a function. Well had about 14 acres of coastal sprigged yesterday. Being from Idaho, its not a familiar concept for me, either. Not sure the agency that handles that but have made application twice here.

Some say only chisel down about 8 inchs and then disk twice. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The first guy had huge roller and left a very flat field.

Page 1 of 2 - Sprigging bermudagrass - posted in Alfalfa/Hay: In the past, some of you have wondered about the bermudagrass sprigging process (as have I). Anything that doesn't fit in the other boards. Might be different for pasture. It is amazing how often we can find people watching other people work. Sprigs dug fresh daily and can be loaded on your trailer or delivered by dump trailer/semi-truck and trailer.

I have decided not to go that route, I am now working on plans to convert to Bermuda next year giving me time to make as much hay as possible and get the ground ready through winter.

The pasture farmers around here don’t want to put the money in there pastures like hay farmers do. Breed your cows to the best bulls in the nation!

It may shed some light for those of you who arent familiar with this process. Discuss your favorite team, latest hunting info and ranch leases. Gary Wallace ( 214 ) 536 - 9672, Tifton 85 certified by Texas Department of Agriculture, Have roll back chains to assure proper bushels per acre, Have been adjusted for proper sprig placement and soil coverage with compaction. Two years ago had some sprigged of coastal bermuda and think they used 60 bushel per acre but also offered 80. The amount of spriggs they use per acre to me is interesting. If I tell them I sprayed Prowl H2O at near $20 per acre they look at me like I’m crazy but then ask how my field looks so pretty. Sure a difference in the two operations. You can be the next winner. Some say Rip down 1-2 foot and disk out twice. What little bit have read on it, interesting.

Next time I visit I plan to ask for the list of those who were awarded under the Freedom of Information Act if I must. It follows a slightly less dense growth pattern than most of the other types but is highly resilient to numerous leaf diseases that can otherwise turn any gorgeous spread of green into a ruined surface. You currently have javascript disabled. JavaScript is disabled.

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