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Thank you for a fantastic interview. Billy Gibbons, for the last 20 years he is up there with my favourite guitarists. Thank you for signing up to Guitar World. “I Am the Working Class” is probably one of the more aggressive tracks from Circle the Wagons, with its very old-school, blue-collar vibe. Guitar World recently had the chance to catch up with the ever-charismatic Fenriz. I'm more a fan of the raw and visceral tone that is so iconic in the second wave of black metal. In this rare guitar interview, Ted Skjellum aka Nocturno Culto tells Total Guitar his six-string story through the medium of song... “It was some kind of a Jackson knock-off model. The Spider isn't total shit and fine for a budget amp but it is fairly limited. This is my favorite Darkthrone record. Every fad must be revolted against. Above: Darkthrone. The new Burzum [Belus] is brilliant. Is the consensus that pre RIB Slayer is early BM? My terms were: 1) I don't have to be at the festival and 2) several of the bands have to be from “other” parts of the world, especially Brazil. Amp Model - Insane Drive - 8 Bass - 2 Mid - 1 Treble - 8 Channel Volume - 6 Slight Reverb. That would be interesting.”. Usually to find my tone in a new environment I put all the knobs straight up, and do small tweaks from there. “It was some kind of a Jackson knock-off model. We recently profiled Burzum in our magazine. 18 May 2010. Now how about that? But we do keep in touch.”, “A lot of what creates a guitarist’s sound is the right hand – if you are right-handed. All metal styles of the Eighties died in the Nineties but were re-animated in the new millenium! In the following interview, the Darkthrone founder discusses the creation of Circle the Wagons, his role in the current metal scene and his relationship with Burzum mastermind Varg Vikernes. I think it was called a Performer 1000. I enjoy playing bass and singing more than anything. If we were to do heavy touring or stuff we would probably hate each other’s guts. The rest of your sound will come from your pickups. I couldn't tell you what Euroynomous has going on soundwise with his solos... it's almost like he's using an equalizer to strip away everything but some of the trebles. Fenriz talks about the recording and lays out in pretty astute observations the differences in black, thrash and death metal. It sounds crude but I think meeting new people every day is shallow. Hello Reddit! You have the traditional doom of Age of Taurus, thrash metal of Deathhammer, death metal of Obliteration, heavy metal of Blackolicus, speed metal of Speed Trap, old style grindcore of Lobotomized…. I don't get any money out of this, not for posting the bands nor for the festival. Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina. The bass tone alone here could very well be worth the price of admission. This was another fault of the Nineties: the black suddenly got overexposed and the organic heavy metal of it just got lost. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. I don’t have any favourite metal guitarists because I don’t listen to so much metal music.”, “Technology has certainly made way for more music and more bands to reach out. Killer guitar tone and drums Darkthrone , Old Star. 90% of black metal is in the attitude. Are there any new bands that you’re really into at the moment? Let’s take a really big band like Metallica. When I played with Satyricon on Nemesis Divina, both Satyr and I played only through that amp, with no boxes at all. I’ll teach Ted the riffs and structure and immediately start recording. Try toying with different Mid to Treble ratios while keeping the bass relatively low. It creates the sound.”, “Early in Darkthrone history, we thought every little boy’s dream was to have a Marshall stack. Bridge pickup. © Please refresh the page and try again. Regarding the lyrics of this song, I think it's more interesting when a person that has actually been working for minimum wage for 23 years—so as to not sell out their life's work—like Darkthrone, writes those kinds of lyrics, rather than, say, a 17 year old that just started working.

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