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Fourth of July Prompts to get you prepared. Two of the moderators are dating and like to turn random cute things they do with each other into imagines, so you get a lot of domestic fluff that actual people would do, This is a writing prompt blog that I love to heck and back, they have a ton of dialogue prompts and plenty of those can be manipulated into fluff, This is a random dialogue generator. [Yu-Gi-Oh! I hope to be more active in the summer, btw, now that I have this blog back! I recently saw a month challenge for fluff, this November: Comfortember 2020, maybe that can help :). But how can that apply to our favorite bald hero? Studying is important, but sometimes Randall just wants Emily all to himself. What happens when Bakugou Mitsuki's aggressive parenting effects Katsuki more than he let on? but it isn’t as easy as it seems, much to your amusement. Fun. Based on the Tumblr Prompt: tweets. Orange: Person A and B cuddle by a bonfire in the summer, watching fireflies flash by while trying to avoid falling asleep just yet. No you are not wearing this in public, - Listen, my friend is trying to find me to yell at me and I need to hide so I’m gonna hide behind you because you are way taller than me, thank you. Illustrations for Content. I wanted to do a 30 day challenge for my OTP to get over this major writer’s block I have, but couldn’t find many that I really wanted to do, so I made this list. (Elias/Chise. Two of the moderators are dating and like to turn random cute things they do with each other into imagines, so you get a lot of domestic fluff that actual people would do. “Um… microwave popcorn.”, - “You are so weak when it comes to spicy food.” - Late night Skype dates that end with both of them falling asleep and being able to wake up looking at their significant other (although their laptops/phones are on low battery the next day), - Person A being so excited about getting snow for the first time in years where they live while Person B pretending that they haven’t gotten annoyed by the overwhelming amount of snow they get, - Person A making a schedule to get plenty of sleep for the first part of the week and having nothing important on Saturday so that they can stay up extra late to talk to Person B all night because they live in different time zones, - Person A panicking because they got the perfect birthday gift for Person B but the package might not arrive on time for their birthday, - “Why won’t you just leave me alone?” “Because I love you, and having you disappearing doesn’t help that love.”, - “Are you real?” “Uh… I believe so.” “Good, can’t having you just being imaginary.”, - “You can’t just leave me.” “I’ll be back soon, I promise.” “Pinkie promise?”, - “Are you a-” “I’m gonna stop you before you finish what I assume is a poorly done pick-up line. Domestic fluff~ I love how monouchro draws Mic, so among the character references I used was some of their art, specifically for his hair. “What?” Press J to jump to the feed. Plenty of fluff options in there, too. ]-[artwork in cover is not mine; only layout belongs to me] This is a random dialogue generator. Theme. Here’s a cute prompt idea: Character A is planning on spending Valentine’s Day alone, and Character B won’t let them. :D. 3 notes. It’ll be romantic!” “My panic will not be romantic, babe.”, - “Hey babe.” “Yeah?” “How long have we been cuddling so far?” “All day but I still don’t want to move.”, - “Please stop calling me at 3 am for advice on this video game.” “Okay… but you still didn’t answer my question.”, - “Avoiding me isn’t going to solve this.” “I’m not avoiding you, I just can’t talk to someone who eats oreos like that.”. The biggest issue that Stephen Strange has with Tony Stark isn't Tony at all. How is everything going?” “Who are you?”, - “You are like duct tape baby.” “What?” “I don’t know how but you seem to fix absolutely everything.”, - “You really suck at this game y’know.” “And you really suck at cuddling but I’m not calling you out.”, - “I have to introduce you to my friends and you look like a teddy bear compared to our biker gang looking group, oh god.” AU, - “I have to introduce you to my friends and you look like you could murder all of us with your eyeliner and black leather, they will be terrified.” AU, - “You are trying to fit in with me as a super punk kid and honestly you’re trying so hard but jesus does it look bad.” AU, - “You came over to my house and forgot a shirt. Picture Writing Prompts Book Writing Tips Writing Help Writing Ideas Picture Prompt Writing Prompts Romance Sentence Writing Otp Prompts Dialogue Prompts. Person A is a lounge singer and Person B is the silently pining member of the waitstaff who’s been leaving roses for Person A after all of their performances. This is an OTP fluff generator! melonmachinery. 5Ds] [Various x Fem! Main Pokemon: Pidgeot. You do need to be logged in to Tumblr to use it, though, This is my favorite general prompt blog on Tumblr. Four years after giving a relationship with a sand wielding heroine another shot, pro hero Shōto sneaks into her place after a long day and enjoys some much needed loving. Team has a new pet, at least temporarily. We didn’t have a dog before I left.” Read Family Prompts from the story OTP PROMPTS/IDEAS by thisisliho () with 1,305 reads. “No I’m not.” (Shōto x Reader, both Pro Heroes, hella fluff... A simple healthy relationship. Oh great, my favorite pastel pink shirt has blood on it now.” AU, - “I forgot to mention I got a tongue piercing awhile ago and you start screaming while we were making out.” AU, - “You eat kitkats like a monster, honestly I don’t think I can love you anymore.” They decide to go show the bully a lesson…. Poke the button and it pops up with a random line of dialogue you can use as either a jumping off point or to build a story around. This is a character bonding moment generator.

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