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Something went wrong. It’s hard to find a call that has the range of the JJ Lares Hybrid. The Mondo is one of the most iconic calls offered by RNT, for some, it’s their favorite and for others, they just haven’t learned how to blow it yet. Let alone if you need a call tuned up, just send it in for $5.00 and Cory will get you taken care of as soon as possible. If you would like to submit a recipe please email it to: [email protected] When you become such a powerhouse for selling and manufacturing duck calls like Buck Gardner.

The calls are made of Cocobolo premium cut, ensuring that the sound and shape meet Josh’s fine attention to detail. We'll work with you over the phone or in-person and re-tuning your Echo calls is free for life. Fast forward to today and Fred makes numerous lines of decoys, hunting videos, calls for every species and then some. Timber all day everyday! (If you don’t like the gamey flavor or duck, you can remove that gamey flavor by adding a tablespoon or 2 of mustard to your marinade) He started working with Avery and help create layout blinds to decoys. I like the xlt the best bc of its range.a xlt can get loud but also get quite.a timber sounds good too but it doesn't have the top end like a xlt.a pure meat is really close to a xlt except its has more hold which makes it have more.whine.either one of these three is a good choice I own every one of the single reeds and in my opinion I just like the xlt bc it fits me a little better,then the pure meat and timber.also to me. This way giving you the ability to hone in on the perfect sound you’re looking for.

Giving the Slampiece a great deal of attention unlike any other call out there. The custom Ray Charles edition is designed by the hands of Josh with origins from his two shops. The same goes for our Pure Meat call. With a lifetime of duck hunting and being involved in the sport, Adam’s passion for making duck calls evolved. Primos has a long history of making just about every kind of game call.

The Mondo has one of the shortest inserts on the market, which creates little back pressure giving it the high volume call that it is. Sean spent every waking moment from the age of 12 to pursue duck and goose hunting as a full-time obsession. It wasn’t until years later that Rick decided to try to make his own Duck Call. The call itself is handmade “the old fashion” way. Adam’s love for waterfowl hunting even expanded into making some of the best custom pit blinds available. One of the classic calls is the Wood Call. Add the dressing and the Dales. Then the Deadly On Ducks is going to provide you with the ultra-low-volume and yet still able to reach the hail calls desired for those windy hunting days. Butch is a legend when it comes to duck call making.

In my limited collection of quality calls, my Echo Timber acrylic is by far the easiest to run and produce the advanced sounds, and at the same time very ducky. Echo hasn't officially decided to introduce the call into the lineup that I know of. Each call is hand tuned by Big Sean himself, and he has plenty of color choices to pick from to meet your style.

After that, Echo Calls was born. Thanks to his ability and skill of contest calling.

Hence, the name The REVolution. Sean was out hunting geese. The more unique aspects of this call are that it can be tuned as a single or double reed call.

Sean Hammock is one of the most dedicated waterfowl hunters alive. He started to learn and operate a duck call by spending hours listening to live ducks and replicating the unique sounds. Cory didn’t want to add to the debate of a single reed or a double reed duck call. However, to the duck hunting world, it’s home to Buck Gardner Duck Calls. The Acorn Shaker’s low volume is also perfect for timber hunting and all you need is a soft quack to finish a flock of mallards. It’s a small sized call that fits into your hand perfectly.

They even make various outdoor gear for the hunt, such as blinds, shooting gear, and even supplements. Made of high-quality wood, it will be sure to last as your first duck call. Duck Calls by Echo Calls are American Made Game Calls for hunters who want to do some serious duck hunting and get their desired results.

No one else was making them and he quickly started selling decoys in 2010. Of course, Rick knew he could undoubtedly make a call that would suit him. The love and passion for the duck call was shaped for Brad in 1988 when he witnessed his first duck calling competition. That is one awesome little call. Lastly, this call has a life time warranty, these calls are designed to be taken into the field and hunted, not just for the stage. It wasn’t until years later that Rick decided to try to make his own Duck Call. This call is designed for the Mallard die-hard hunters.

They’ve been able to expand into other products, TV, and even hunting videos. Gradually, Rick hand-turned more and more duck calls as a hobby. The Hybrid is one of the easiest calls to blow. Echo was established by Rick Dunn in 1975. Our double reed duck calls work best for beginners but are still used and adored by seasoned hunting professionals. Rick started hunting at the age of twelve with his brother, Danny. As a result, Brad spent numerous years as a spectator at the World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest in Stuttgart. A XLT can do everything a Timber can do.....................and more. Place wrapped pieces on cookie sheet wrapped in aluminum foil and once you’re done place cookie sheet in the oven for 8 minutes on the broiler setting. Slice duck breasts into strips 1 inch in width and marinate in cake pan for 12 hours. The Duck Commander 1972 series is a versatile smooth sounding call. With a few different models to fit your timber or marsh style hunting, you’ll be sure to find the perfect duck call. Everything else is the single reed. Molt gear may be a popular goose hunting, however, they have been able to make a couple of the best duck calls. Skewer bacon with toothpick to secure bacon strips. It didn’t take long after that for George to dive into waterfowl hunting head first. The experience and teaches of Major helped shape Butch’s RNT call shop that still gets used today.

The call has a realistic and raspy duck top end. At this time there wasn’t many custom goose calls on the market. Therefore, launching Buck Gardner into making a game call business that combined his passion for waterfowl hunting and the knowledge he had in manufacturing businesses. If you’re hunting a cloudy morning or maybe some fog than the Acorn Shaker from Refuge Duck Calls is your go to. they are all awesome. The Q2 is a double reed duck call that is made to be an all-around duck call. This was also back in a time when all hunting land was public.

This call has even placed in the Top 5 at the World “Live” Duck Calling Championship. With that decision, it launched him into producing multiple full-length hunting films, and instructional videos. I think their best call overall is the XLT, awesome range and good control. The wood would swell preventing the call from working. Louisiana Hot Sauce (optional) Originally founded by the late legend call maker and caller Butch Richenback. Adam Lyerly grew up in Northeast Arkansas where duck hunting is a way of life.

A family of outdoor companies with a passion to provide only the best products for hunters and outdoorsmen. If you would like to submit a recipe please email it to: [email protected] Please include your name and/or the name of your recipe so we can give you credit for it. As of today, they are run by Vista Outdoors Inc. a leading outdoor brand that primarily specializes in outdoor sportings and products. At that moment, Rick figured that he should give his calls a name and before long, maybe sell a few as a hobby. If you’re looking for a single reed that is easier to use as a double reed, we suggest the Breaker or the ODB(Ole Ducky Breaker).

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