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first response rapid result 9dpo

A positive result will last for at least 48 hours. Which I believe are false. Good luck in the future xxx, It still may be too early? Quick results. So you wouldn't get a BFP on that test until much later. I’ve been followed, as I also had mc in Nov and got BFP last week.You must feel totally overwhelmed, but I wouldndefinety recommend giving yourself at least 2 cycles so you know where you stand.My first cycle after mc was 3 weeks, the next one was almost 5 weeks and then finally I got back to my usual cycle length and when tried and I’ve been lucky enough to conceive on that first cycle. I just cannot believe I've had a miscarriage and a chemical all in 6 weeks :-( I feel like maybe I should have a February break and maybe try again end of March? Gender neutral toilet in Starbucks, and I’m livid, How do you relax when you have 10 minutes to spare? But it's still very early so just a waiting game unfortunately. Hi ladies, so I miscarried 23/12 (all clear the wk after when I went for a check up scan) ... how many DPO are u? I would say you need time to recover from the emotional upheaval of it all, as it's a lot to have to deal with. I'm so sorry to hear about the bleeding. Hi ladies, just an update... 2 x negatives on the digitals! Ah well, just waiting for AF now.I have a lot more hope for you, your line is very much there and you were sensible and tested with a frer to check for a negative back at the time.It's hard isn't it, don't wish it on anyone. Maybe it was too soon? Very strange as I can. This is considered low risk. Hi ladies,so I miscarried 23/12 (all clear the wk after when I went for a check up scan) today its been 9 days since we did the deed again (sexy time) and I've just felt a little... different? Get pregnant. Early pregnancy signs and symptoms statistics, pregnancy test statistics and reviews and many handy calculators. This is page 1 of 5 (This thread has 108 messages.). I got a BFN this month 11dpo and then 6 BFP 14 dpo I couldn't believe it hence why I took 6 tests! Fingers crossed for you for the future x. Please let us know how you get on tomorrow.   Nevermind, thank you for your positive input :-). i'll keep you posted xxKeeping bees - me too thank you lovely xxits nice to know i'm not going crazy.the line came up after a minute would that be an evap line? Sorry again! Track your cycles. Me too :-( thank god for these posts I genuinely find so much comfort in them.have you had AF yet? took this test at 11dpo, it worked great time wise, but its hard to tell if i had pulled a positive or an evap. @Dollydoo22 I'm so sorry you've had to go through this. Track your fertility signs to help pinpoint ovulation and your fertile window to increase your chances of conceiving. You've tested quite early and your HCG might not be high enough yet to detect, just like mine wasn't.. Good luck! Good luck . But no joy my sister thinks maybe wait until 15-17 days for digital I’ll keep you posted Thanks Five I think you’re right I think maybe it’s time to take a breather lol Have a nice after girls xxxx. Digital = not pregnant ‍♀️☹️ Possible too early!? This can be caused by the test being taken too early, test sensitivity, diluted urine or failure to follow test instructions. Those tests aren't known to be bad for evap lines. Record your signs and symptoms to discover patterns and help determine your probability of pregnancy! D xxx, @Nel123baby I'm meant to get my period today I normally get really bad back ache before and not had none and with my little girl I was on day late got a faint line then does a clear blue that was positive but this time is different with these werid lines makes my eyes funny trying see them. Tonight is 14 days! Verified OB-GYNs are online around the clock and ready to answer your question online or by phone. Got faint lines on frers like yours Friday-Monday but never getting any darker or lighter. i'm going to call my GP today and ask her advise but I think you're right i'm now just worried something is wrong with me :-( I'm also going to ask for a different hospital this time I went to Hillingdon with my miscarriage and found them appalling. This mean around 1 in every 250 test results was an evaporation line. xxxx, I know what you mean! I was excited at the time to think I was finally getting back to normal. fingers crossed.     I agree with PPs, do an early response test rather than a rapid response because it’ll probs be more sensitive. as I haven't, but she said to me to expect to be super fertile in the first few weeks - god I over think everything lately!I really hope you get your rainbow soon.     Guaranteed. Its super confusing isn't it? @madminimoomin i'm so happy you got your AF! It drove me insane cause I could see the line and my partner was like there's nothing there but turned out to be an evaporation line or an indent. - my bad xx, I can see a very faint line. Will the result change if left standing for a certain period of time? When I found out I was pregnant I was 14dpo with faint lines and then did my digital 17dpo so yeah maybe do another one at a later date! To wonder how men and woman actors do sex scenes? By 12 days past ovulation this brand gives a 'standard' test result. I went through fertility tx so I know how tempting it is to test early. Quick results. xxxx. I don't remember the exact numbers but I think its 60-100miu of hCG needed for the Rapid Result and only 6miu needed for the Early Result. I'm in the same boat (miscarriage surgery on 13/12). victoria0309  5 years ago The first response rapid result tests aren’t as sensitive as the early response ones so that can make a difference. I'm pretty sure it's left over hormones even though I got negative tests from 8/1 onwards (but not on a frer, regret not checking with one of those at the time).So frustrating and I wish I never took a test, on day 48 and still waiting on a period.Fingers crossed your tests become darker over the next few days! The test result should be read as soon as possible after waiting 1 minute. X, Hey girls. pitzerd 7 years ago I've used First Response brand for my first 2 pregnancies and they were 100% accurate. My first time using the Rapid Result and I've had 2 negatives so far. A false negative result is when a pregnancy test indicates that you are not pregnant but you actually are. This is page 4 of 5 (This thread has 108 messages.). I had really similar over a month ago. Took the First Response Rapid Result 12 dpo and it was a positive! To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. D xxx, I'm so sorry about ur mc I wouldn't take that test as a BFP, could be too early as you only DTD 9 days ago. I got a feint line on FRERS 2wks ago but then I did another the day after & completely blank as they are uber sensitive and like you all others a total negative. To avoid inaccurate results you should try to wait as long as possible before testing. wonder if that makes a difference.I genuinely wouldn't wish it on a soul.   Soooo bleeding got worse during the night so I’m definitely thinking no sticky bean for me.   I think you'll have a more definite answer in a day or two, maybe try first thing tomorrow morning.   Update... 10dpo the second pic I’ve played with the light so you can see it ...Thoughts! i'll try again in the morning perhapsfingers crossed! My first time using the Rapid Result and I've had 2 negatives so far. All results are based on pregnancy test results submitted by our members.   In laboratory testing, FIRST RESPONSE™ detected the pregnancy hormone levels in 76% of pregnant women, 5 days before their expected period; in 96% of pregnant women, 4 days before their expected period; in >99% of pregnant women, 3 days before their expected period; in >99% of pregnant women, 2 days before their expected period; in >99% of pregnant women, 1 day before their expected period; and … Dollydoo22 Wed 06-Feb-19 07:45:35. I can see lines on the top test on both pictures. Can you self refer to the EPAU? I don't get the whole evap thing xx, Even more frustrating is that I've been doing opks religiously and got a positive 2 weeks ago (1 week after negative pregnancy test so could have been legit) so should be 13dpo today. You can use the FIRST RESPONSE™ Rapid Result Pregnancy Test on the day of your missed period, or any day thereafter. I'm sure my faint positives last week were just left over hormones from my miscarriage in December, my doctor thought that as well.I went to the doctor and had a complete melt down about it all, then as if on cue my period came 3 hours after the appointment! Hope you're doing ok. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. OP if you went to Hillingdon you live near me! (just to make sure all hormone had gone) x, Hey Flower power Becky. Get updates on how your baby develops, your body changes, and what you can expect during each week of your pregnancy by signing up to the Mumsnet Pregnancy Newsletters. I think a FRER would give you a decent line if it is a true BFP if it's showing like that on this one. Grab a FRER and try again. Hey Moomin, so sorry to hear that, how are you coping? Did another FR today and things are deffo darkening so I’m feeling quietly confident. Add message | Report. Good luck with the digital tonight x. For pregnant women, this brand starts to give positive results for more than 80% by 11 days past ovulation. The data displayed in the charts below is a breakdown, by days past ovulation, of different pregnancy test results for this brand. The first response rapid result tests aren’t as sensitive as the early response ones so that can make a difference. You should get a clearer result, which might put your mind at ease a little. Test again tomorrow and let us know x, oh darling I'm so sorry, you'll get there I promise. Chat in the forums, ask questions, journal your thoughts and post your photos. Get the numbers! Wishing you a happy & healthy 9months! I have good line eyes and I would be quietly confident. Also, evaps have no colour to them but your line is definitely pink so I wouldn’t have thought evap. fluttlerfly  3 years ago Every other make of test is very negative. I really do hope you manage to get your sticky bean soon. xxxxx, Oh I'm sorry, it will happen for you I'm sure! Also, evaps have no colour to them but your line is definitely pink so I wouldn’t have thought evap.Good luck, wishing you all the best. Took the First Response Rapid Result 12 dpo and it was a positive!     Okay let us know how the digital goes x, Top last night bottom just now Tonight we go digital AHHHH, Those line are really clear!!   Xx, Me too Nel! D xx, Played with the colour a bit & brightness top one is 8am FRRR and second is 1pm FRER. Hi ladies,so I miscarried 23/12 (all clear the wk after when I went for a check up scan) today its been 9 days since we did the deed again (sexy time) and I've just felt a little... different?   Xx, hey girlies! SO same kinda thing on the FRER which kinda makes me think its an indent or something.I know i'm a nutcase as only 9dpo but its so easy to get hopes up!arrghhhh!!! Join the discussion! Thanks Bees! Record your signs and symptoms. Copyright © 2008 - 2020 All rights reserved • Countdown Family Inc. Of the pregnant women who did receive a positive result, this is the most common strength of positive result, View and vote on photos of 'First Response Rapid Result' submitted by members in the gallery, test line is very light and may be difficult to distinguish as a positive result, test line is lighter than the control line but is still visible and is fairly easy to distinguish as a positive result, test line is nearly as dark or as dark as the control line and is easily distinguished as a positive result, test line is darker than the control line and very easily distinguished as a positive result.

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