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graco paint sprayer keeps clogging

Owner: Stefan Trepke Returned items must be in the original packaging. You can also consider evaluating if a particular type of coating is made in a spray only format, spray only coatings are particularly common in wood finishes and are typically formulated to stay in suspension or be a viscosity that is easier to spray.

Should paint emerge laterally at the nozzle or nozzle holder, the two seals on the nozzle holder are probably defective, do not sit properly or are completely missing.

The force of the water alone may dislodge the plug. One of the easiest ways to know if you have successfully done this is by reviewing your mesh after you have filtered you coating for application. Turn the power switch off at the pump and engage the trigger lock on the gun for a blocked flat tip. The Best Airless Sprayers for Spraying Plaster, Spare Parts for the Graco Contractor Spray Gun (older versions), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crtjAT1E5j8&t=17s. For this purpose, the nozzle is rotated 180 degrees and injected. Within your spray equipment depending if it’s an airless sprayer or a pressure pot, you can have anywhere from 0 to 2 filters. Köpenicker Landstraße 151 12437 Berlin Most Graco guns come with Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) spray tips, and you can clear a plugged tip in seconds with one. If the seal is damaged and does not seal properly, air may also enter the cup. You can also check with your coating manufacturer for potential mesh screen size recommendations for a particular coating. Not all products qualify for free shipping. If the valve is damaged or soiled, it cannot be closed properly.

Well done. Between the battery / cable connector and the print controller, the Graco Ultra and UltraMax have a red light that also indicates possible malfunction. In addition, the sprayer should be disconnected from the power supply (cable or battery) and the unit should not be under pressure (depressurize). Acetone or lacquer thinner will dissolve most kinds of dried paint. Without a vacuum in the cup, the pump cannot be optimally supplied with material. Then open the VacuValve cup valve and press the cup until the remaining air has escaped completely from the cup. If the airless nozzle is clogged, no paint can flow through it. Cleaning Airless Sprayer – How to Clean, Care and Store Your Airless Sprayer. If after increasing the mesh size, you are still having issues with clogged tips, you can consider adding an additional filter depending on the equipment you are using. – Graco Ultra & UltraMax does not absorb, VacuValve vent valve not properly closed or defective – Ultra & UltraMax draws in secondary air, White o-ring in the cover is damaged or broken – Graco Ultra & UltraMax will not pump, Graco Flexliner cups are worn – Graco Ultra & UltraMax will not pressurize, Graco Ultra or UltraMax nozzle clogged, worn or damaged, Adhesive screen stuck and clogged – Graco Ultra & UltraMax does not absorb, Outlet valves clogged, damaged, dirty – Graco Ultra & UltraMax does not spray, Error Code E4 – Light flashes 4 times on Graco Ultra or UltraMax, More information on the Graco Ultra and Graco Ultra Max. Run the tip under hot water. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Keep the cup squeezed when closing the cap. Use a crescent wrench or the Graco wrench to unscrew the tip housing and remove the tip. When you make your return, you’ll need to note credit or exchange.

As a result, little or no paint will move from the cup into the pump. WhatsApp: +49 152 29 53 52 13 To determine an appropriate mesh size for your particular coating it usually will require a bit of trial and error. Stevie Donald has been an online writer since 2004, producing articles for numerous websites and magazines. To reduce the chance of clogs in your tip, you should strain the coating with an appropriate strainer. Most Graco guns come with Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) spray tips, and you can clear a plugged tip in seconds with one. Anyone who has been in finishing long enough knows that clogging of your airless paint sprayer or spray gun is a real hassle. Turn the lever back and resume spraying. If the material is not highly viscous you can consider a standard agitator. The spray fan and the color distribution is no longer uniform. In this case, the nozzle must be cleaned and the blockage released. In addition to properly screening material before you spray it, you also want to consider the properties of the individual coating or material you will be spraying. Love our content? The sieves are available in the 3-pack in two mesh sizes. Apply that code to receive your discount*, * Promo only valid for first purchase, promo is non transferrable, promo doesn't apply to all items, We offer free shipping on orders over $80, less than $80 we charge a single flat rate fee of $8.50. The purpose of this article will be to cover ways which you can prevent clogs from happening in your spray gun or airless paint sprayer. These can be ordered directly here: Lid for the cup – Graco Ultra (battery & cable) – click here, Lid for the cup – Graco UltraMax – click here. The Graco VacuValve ensures the release of air from the paint cup.

This can create problems with your tip clogging. If your spray gun keeps plugging, you can try alternative needle types like a plastic tip on your needle as it may help reduce issues. As a result, the paint sprayer does not spray. Graco airless sprayers come in a range of sizes from small electric models to large gas-powered machines designed for very high production and spraying heavy materials such as block fill and epoxy. If they are too heavily worn or worn they should be replaced.

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