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Let’s explore each portion of Godhome below. You do such a fantastic job without spoiling some of the coolest parts of the game. Elegant Key Usage. I'm pretty sure I found 2 simple keys in the world, so there's at least 3 of them, including the one you can buy at the shop. Kabu, could you please tell where exactly it is, Thanks! Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo950 2. But it simply is not there. She provides banking services for a single fee. This pantheon requires having beaten most bosses in Hollow Knight as well as completing the Trial of Fools in the Colosseum  (no longer required since v1.4.2.7) order to be accessible. Wall jump up it to reach a hot springs. Hollow Knight. Access to the fourth pantheon is restricted until you complete the previous three. Head to the right until you see an npc. Enough time has passed where she is now forgotten by the Colosseum folks. I won’t spoil the fun for you, but definitely check it out. Use the Simple Key we grabbed from the Colosseum to open the cocoon. Head over to the right side of the bench platform ledge and wall jump up. Once opened you will receive the Godtuner. Hit the switch and a ray of light shines down on you. thanks for the info :3 - Ryu. Don't remember when the latter can be found, though. To get to this NPC head all the way to the end of Junk Pit (far left) and you will reach a wall. On this platform you will find a bench. Once all three have been completed, you will be able to access the tower to the right of the three pantheon doors. When you reach the top you’ll see the ShopKeeper’s Key waiting for you on the right. This can be bought from Sly for 800.; Elegant Key Notes & Tips Shop description: An explorer found this fancy key floating in the waterways of the city far below us. Simple Key Usage. Once unlocked, hit it with your dreamnail. The winner will be picked one week before launch and announced through Gleam.https://gleam.io/Dkcz0/hollow-knight-silksong-giveaway Alongside pantheons, there’s an area called the Hall of Gods (where you can challenge any boss), a bench, and some secrets. Mind sharing where you found the second key? The Eternal Ordeal at the top right of the Hall of Gods and Radiant version bosses need to be added. Adding it to the guide now. Your email address will not be published. In this video we will go over how to quickly find all 4 simple keys. Also, beating all phanteons with bindings will unlock a new main menu theme “The Eternal Ordeal” with Zote’s voice cover. During the fight you’ll notice that the boss is sitting on a bench. Correction. What this gate means I have no idea. Explore twisting caverns, battle tainted creatures and befriend bizarre bugs, all in a classic, hand-drawn 2D style. For every key, there is a door. Inside is a Soul Warrior that continuously spawns Folly enemies. The third and final piece of free DLC content has finally been released for Hollow Knight. Hmm. You’ll need the Shopkeepers Key in Hollow Knight to unlock more of Sly’s goods so you can buy more things. Hollow Knight > General Discussions > Topic Details. Great job so far! ... Godhome is the new major area in the Godmaster Hollow Knight update. Hollow Knight. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Last edited by Kabu; Feb 27, 2017 @ 3:54am #7. Hit the blue dream catcher with your Dream Nail to unlock a blue bulb in rest areas during pantheons. You will find a blue bulb for extra health when you are in a rest room between battles in phanteons (on the left corner of the room). Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. In this area you will find the main draw of this dlc called pantheons. They can be used to open simple locks.

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