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Kugelfische sind an der Pazifikküste von Nordamerika, Mittelamerika, Südamerika, Japan, China, Korea, im Golf von Mexiko, der karibischen See, an den afrikanischen Küsten zum Atlantik, Mittelmeer und dem indischen Ozean, sowie an den Küsten Ozeaniens zu finden.Süßwasser-Kugelfische leben im Amazonasbecken, im. It is the ability to take air or water suddenly into the stomach and to turn for a ball-like structure. Gästebuch.

Viewed 8355 times. However, they will live longer with you. They will eat pretty much anything you put in the tank. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay Carinotetraodon ist eine Gattung aus der Familie der Kugelfische (Tetraodontidae). And, even the name suggests they are beautiful enough to be proud about having a pair of fishes, the creamy strips in brownish colored body structure aren’t give them that much a rich look. 1mm und in der Höhe ca.

This guide will focus on freshwater puffer fish. Hence, do puffer fish are aggressive, and can they really attack the other fishes as food? Providing enough food for the fry is very difficult and they are very sensitive to water quality. Die Aquarien-und Terrarienzeischrift ; Datz 8/1998 Seite (498-501) BRITZ, R.: Ein neuer Kugelfisch aus Indien (Carinotetraodon imitator) Amazonas Nr.11 Mai/Juni 2007 Seite 27 ; Vielleicht noch interessant ist der Link zu Minifische, hier kann man viele kleine Fischarten finden. You may be able to find the best tank for puffer fish down below. 1:2 M:F Availability. Here are the reference values for commonest types which we have discussed early. Welcome to Fishkeeping World. They also produce a lot of waste, and it is mandatory to have a good filter, and you should try to change 50% of their water weekly. wissenschaftlicher Name: Carinotetraodon imitator deutscher Name, weitere Bezeichnungen: Temperatur: 0-0°C Aquariumgröße für dauerhafte Haltung: 0 Liter Größe: 0-0cm Geschlechtsunterschied: Sozialverhalten: Herkunft: nicht bekannt Futter: Wasserwerte: Informationen . Insgesamt betrachtet ist jedoch die Zeichnung bei Carinotetraodon travancoricus dichter. Large species that are more than 4 inches can be fed two to three times a week. Das Wasser sollte sehr weich bis mittelhart sein mit einem pH-Wert zwischen 6,0 und 7,5. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Four species are traded fairly frequently and there are in fact two dwarf puffer species — Carinotetraodon travancoricus and C. imitator. However, there are a few species that can be kept as a pair or small groups. Yet, as a family of fishes, they desire certain water conditions and the living space to live longer and healthier.

Kottelat, M., 1986. Bigger size puffers can eat small frozen fish such as lancetfish or whitebait fish. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These slow moves are wonderful to see, and it will make your living room a paradise under the theme of marine life. It resembles the closely related C. travancoricus.. Aqualog.de offers up-to-date information and background reports about aquaristics, terraristics, vivaristics. Waray hini subspecies nga nakalista Carinotetraodon imitator Britz & Kottelat, 1999: Sinonimo; Carinatetraodon imitator Britz & Kottelat, 1999. Carinotetraodon imitator Carinotetraodon irrubesco Carinotetraodon lorteti Carinotetraodon salivator Carinotetraodon travancorius Colomesus psittacus Colomesus asellus Tetraodon abei Tetraodon baileyi Tetraodon barbatus Tetraodon biocellatus Tetraodon cambodgiensis Tetraodon cochinchinensis Tetraodon cutcutia Tetraodon duboisi Tetraodon erythrotaenia Tetraodon fluviatilis Tetraodon implutus. Freshwater puffer fish are very susceptible to diseases, so you need to provide the best environment possible for them.

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