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is shuckle good

It's more than just BST. def and lowers his speed (cause his speed is so low it won't make a difference at this point) And work soul-ly on defense to max and sp.def to max then sort the rest into whatever you deem needed like hp...basically hp since his atk/sp.atk suck on an equal level of sucking-ness, it wont help you in the long run and make sure he has sturdy and holds Something to either heal him or make him harder to hit.
Hey Guys! That's right a full 100 more than Arceus.

No? Yes however Power Split can easily be compared to a stat boosting move such as Calm Mind SOMETIMES butit will not increase much should your opponent switch out to a Pokemon that has no form of offensive presence. There are many Pokemon that could even cripple it. ^^ Being in trick room does not amount to having a higher base speed. :c. Again, you are thinking of Power Trick. if you need defensive pokemon. Explore More Cards Say it would still succeed in this, any Prankster Pokemon could shut it down with a status ailment in Trick Room or not. These would pretty much be Pokemon with Super Fang and that one Dragon type move that constantly does 40 damage. It also lets Shuckle perform well on both hyper and bulky offensive teams. After reading the description I went off to attack form Deoxys to see where it could get my base stat total.
So the answer is No.

and now add a successfully timed bide, thats around 1560 give or take the odds! The only reason it would actually have such a high base stat would be because of it's improved offensive presence. And if you're in a single battle where Trick Room was used Shuckle and the Deoxys pretty much switch speeds. Shuckle Cards Shuckle 5 Rebel Clash. Shuckle can now add 150 for his speed stat. How to get Infestation+toxic for Shuckle Pokemon Sword/Shield pls HELP! This could work, but you would need to be using Shuckle in the Uber tier to do it, and I have no idea why you would do that, as if your opponent doesn't have a Deoxys-Attack, then Shuckle is pretty much dead weight. This page contains Shuckle's Garlarian Pokedex information about it's location, stats, and more. It stat spread, movepool, abilities, ect. Shuckle is first and foremost the master at defensive stance,aka the slowgod (whom I have deemed as he's one of thee slowest,sorry slowking...heh heh) with lack of an offense, he's best to have repetitive and turn based dmg attacks but you can turn any offensive threat into an offensive rush, take power split and bide, normally when applied in said order can result in lots of powerx2 so say you … It's name eludes me. Shuckle HGSS15 HS—Promo. ), the first thing to do is find a nature that ups his sp. can be quite fearsome when you take advantage of his high defenses. One taunt and Shuckle is shut down. One time I was looking through Shuckles moves and found Power Split. Shuckle returns in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Shuckle has no option but Wrap stall its way to victory until the arrival in Kanto, and depending on the enemy faced, it may or may not need healing to pull it off. Would a level 100 Shuckle outspeeed a level 10 Deoxys-Speed? Personally trick room only solves his speed prob, not so wise in a sense simply because... How good is Shuckle in a Nuzlocke? But if Trick Room  was up, then Shuckle would move first, excluding priority and prankster. Shuckle is first and foremost the master at defensive stance,aka the slowgod (whom I have deemed as he's one of thee slowest,sorry slowking...heh heh) with lack of an offense, he's best to have repetitive and turn based dmg attacks but you can turn any offensive threat into an offensive rush, take power split and bide, normally when applied in said order can result in lots of powerx2 so say you got him to 160atk and your beefy opponent has eh 620,thats about 780 after power swap, yeah? Az Adatvédelmi irányelvek közt és a Cookie-szabályzatban olvashat bővebben arról, hogyan használjuk fel adatait. then I noticed shuckle immediately had high defense and sp.defense as well as weak attack/attacks, but with great potential. When Shuckle uses Power Split on attack form Deoxys their attacking stats become 95. (and gals) New here to Pokemon, eh hem, actually new as in first time with a Pokemondb.net with a new account, and I do have to say my piece as shuckle is my lifeblood, back in the good old days of gold and silver (back when I was 6) I had just got the brand new silver version (before they made crystal version) after already beating red,blue and yellow special pikachu edition...I popped in the game, began farming (for xp) and later came across my first shuckle (the free water rock Pokemon from a kid on an island I called it...strange phrasing ik) Sadly when I read his description my heart sank as it said bug rock and I went HOW???

Mi és partnereink cookie-k és hasonló technológiák használatával tárolunk és/vagy érünk el adatokat az Ön eszközén annak érdekében, hogy személyre szabott hirdetéseket és tartalmakat jelenítsünk meg Önnek, mérjük a hirdetések és a tartalmak hatékonyságát, és információkat szerezzünk a célközönségre vonatkozóan, valamint a termékfejlesztéshez. Shuckle is extremely passive, so it fits best on teams with reliable and sturdy Pokemon such as Skarmory and Blissey. though not very effective, is still pretty much 999dmg LOL not to mention any temporary stat boosts/item boosts and if its super effective, its like how I say it, if your tank is too slow, add more cannon, gets the job done slowly and easily in many situations, sustain tons of damage then dish out stupidly strong attacks, as for another method, I like to call it the troll n toxic flash, mix toxic,flash,protect and withdraw and you have an instant trump card, though weak against taunt like attacks and certain types of enemies, he provides the balls of poisoning your opponents badly, lowering their chance to hit, blocking random attacks and turn charge attacks, and increasing defense even further on a base of making everything deal 1-2 digits and I'm talkin low double digits like 11, or 14. Kudos to Shuckle everyone, may the johto region live forever in our hearts...and your game boy color cartridges :3 gold,silver,crystal FTW!!! In theory this is very bluffing but the chances are really low that it would be successful and still makes Shuckle nothing close to the most powerful Pokemon for stats can look appealing but you are nothing with a Pokemon with such unbalanced stats as Shuckle. THE EFFING RED SHELL WITH HOLES CONCEPT IS ALL WATER BASED!!! Toxic+facade, power swap, trick room (if you still think his speeds gonna help you...ps it won't!!!) Fairly good and fun to use, but only for those who have patience. Since Shuckle is a very predictable Pokemon and always carries non-damaging moves, it is very easy to stop it. At least Shuckle would get some more fame. The problem is that Shuckle can't do crap without a Power Split up.

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