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But it was a freaky experience. I screamed and ran over to grab it… he kicked it out of my way and picked it up, asking why I was so freaked out… I guess I must have never told him what happened the first time I used one because 10 minutes later we were all in the kitchen, asking if anyone was there. M A M A. After years of not being sure but seeing quite a few miraculous events, and even though I do not go to any Church, and no matter how many cynics think we are crazy, I’m inclined to think you are right. that is friggen creepy! Sometimes, people will meet the Zozo demon on an Ouija app or even just after scribbling a makeshift board on a piece of paper. It knew both our names and said it was zozo. Zozo, it would seem, can be found everywhere. It can’t really feed on your soul, that’s wives tale, just forget about it. Then we asked it’s middle and last name and it said my cousin’s. Most terrifying moment ever. They may even write poetry, BUT, they are demons and they ultimately want to destroy you.
In the end of it all, if you have something pushing away the spirits, they won’t come to you, which overall is a good thing. A Curious Etymology, 5 Signs Your Ouija Board Session Has Gone Horribly Wrong, How to Break a Connection With a Ouija Board. God Bless you. This memory is over a decade old, so bear with me. As the questions/answers got more and more unreal in terms of what the entity seemed to know, one of my friends began to challenge whether or not it was real, and asked it to prove it. The film was, as you’d expect, about the terrifying events that follow after a group of friends use a Ouija board on Halloween. Zozo is in my house I played with him and he told us his whole story we believe him and his dad are both named zozo and the kid is not the evil one unfortunately we encountered the evil one. anyway maybe oujia is ZoZo, ZoZo has lots of names.. like MaMa, ZaZa, Oz, and of course ZoZo. Mama is gentle and friendly and actually tries to protect people from Zozo, but she is not as strong. Me and some neighborhood friends were having a nice time playing with the Ouija on the front lawn.

They are the opposite of the loving God and Jesus. So this is good insight to know about in the future. they From then on, they seemed to experience nothing but bad luck. We quickly said goodbye and the piece slid towards goodbye. They asked who it was, this time, and the reply was haunting: “The pointer went O Z O Z O Z O Z O. The planchette moved to different letters but it was all jibberish, just a few different letters not spelling out any real words. I could feel Zozo in the room now and the air was heavy and I began to get scared.
When I tried the Ouija board I contacted zozo.

Not sure I beleive in them or if they really even work. Very powerful stuff. I brought some friends over to play it with me and when we asked if anyone was there no one would answer.

If there is any truth to it all, then what could it be? Remember if you summoned anything evil it can feed only from your fear.

That keeps us feeling guilty and afraid, so we keep coming back to the church for forgiveness. Reports like this go on and on, sometimes from people who were simply freaked out by the foul mouthed demon, but others speaking of paranormal harassment, possessions, physical assaults, freak accidents, mysterious illnesses, misfortune, and madness. It’s in one room, upstairs, which used to be the attic. Would you do that because you were bored at a party? The reason manifestation is made and demonic possession occurs because the one who commits the spirit board act, has the intent to communicate with spirits and as a result … Demons have the ability to come through. This very serious!! Its possible you have some sort of guardian spirit watching you..keeping them away. I tried everything it wasnt working for me i think zozo or any spirits are afraid of me. Remember, God is the most powerful being. We started arguing with one another because some were getting spooked. are you still waking up at 3 am? No. He wanted to get my friend savanna but it never worked. When they are about to start blind fold the people using the board and then without them knowing turn the board 180 degrees. we asked if there was someone there with him and then spelled out zozozozozozo..we asked if it was demonic and it said yes. We asked if it was jake the whole time, and it went back to no. It was not pleasant and i would not recommend trying. At first, they think they’re talking to the spirit of some dead relative. None of us ever touched one again. She had been using a Ouija board with a friend one cold Saturday evening, under the glow of red candlelight, when the spirit they were talking to said it was called Zozo. The entity we contacted claimed to be a teenage boy, and seemed to know the answers to things it shouldn’t have any way of knowing. Now i’m laying in my bed writing this and just a few minutes ago, it sounded like someone was hitting my kitchen table with a wooden stick! My friend and I used a ouija board a few weeks ago and zozo spelled out on the board.. at first it spelled znbo and then zo so my friend was kinda warned but I didn’t know about it at the time. I would not put much stock in what ‘it’ says. The first time I played it with my brother and my cousins. And that is a curious thing — in most communications with Zozo, the planchette on the Ouija board makes a repetitive movement through the alphabet, from Z to O and back again, over and over, as shared in the experience quoted above. The planchete, after taking my hands off of it, started moving to the z and o over and over again. I asked what it was angry about and it said my grandfathers first name. Then I asked. Ask Him for help to not be tempted to use the Ouija board. It was a name of an actual demon, that was described as being very sexual. We made our own board but had the orignal piece that you put your hands on. Matthew Scott/FlickrPeople playing with an Ouija board. He is a thought form that has been given too much power. Whether you believe in him or not, it might be best to put the Ouija board away. We later married, had kids, went to church, and lived normal lives. …there is no more human; all are Zozo now…, spirits cant hurt you, demons can though..and poltergeists cant either, I’m pretty sure they can only move objects. Zozo isn’t real. She said that she would hear 3 bell rings and then 3 bangs on her back door. The more fear you show it the stronger it becomes. Should I be fine tonight what do I do please respond quickly !! Zozo is one of the more prominent and well-known demonic beings. In the Bible God says that it is an abomination to communicate with “spirits”. The first reported appearance of this entity occurred in 1816, when a young girl in Picardy, France fell victim to a severe demonic possession (this according to the Dictionnaire Infernal, published in 1818 by Jacques Collin de Plancy). And it replied, “You.” I asked how it could experience sex with me and it replied, “Invite me” it wanted me to give it permission to leave the board. The Ouija board used to be fun when it didn’t really work. Strange movements of the planchette, cryptic morbid answers to our questions, and the spelling of one of my friends name. It would always say zoo, that something would happen at the zoo or just zoo randomly – many times. She said yes very quickly so i did. After another week we again played it but this time I was just with my cousin who played before.

They’re very straight forward and if you have nothing, they won’t make you pay for services you don’t need. I know my brother wasn’t moving it because he wasn’t looking half the time. so i asked what was her name it first went to z i knew that it was Zozo so then it went to Zozo i freaked then i asked if she hated anyone it went to yes i asked who do you hate it went to U so i said goodbye? He seems to just be a neutral spirit. Her strange movements, the girl had told people, were commanded by the demons who possessed her. He explained how the first time he had an encounter with the demon, the Ouija board went wild and flew between the “Z” and the “O”, frantically spelling: Z-O-Z-O-Z-O-Z-O-Z-O-Z-O. The demonic spirit was never cruel, but it was seductive and beguiling. We have no clue why it was only Maci .

At first the entity seemed friendly, but this changed in the coming days, with it becoming more aggressive and mean, before the demon announced that he would take Evans and his family to paradise. A lot of my friends did ouija quite often. We were amazed and interested. They were asking me who I was and to mess with them some more I told them I was their dead grandma. Anyway, he was no fun and just plain mean. Well every time we would do it, we would talk to Zozo. At first we didn’t think a ouija board would work but we tried to use it alone once and it was working really weirdly.. we also got weird codes from zozo that actually mean smt and were quite baffled by all this, Listen, if any of you ever feel like you’re different than usual after playing the Ouija Board or something did come to your house and you live in the east coast in the US, please go to On Angel’s Wings in Bordentown, NJ. Dont play bloody mary in the bathroom mirror. I have been researching Zozo for a few years now and one of my more frustrating inquiries is information about the possession of 1816 in Picardy France that is always vaguely referenced in pages such as this. zozo once told my mums best friend how she was gonna die, my mums best friend ended up dying the exact same way. Only the divine has any of the “omni” characteristics. Prayers won’t help, because what you are about to do is forbidden in the Old Testament.

When people use the saying, “My blood ran cold”, I know exactly what they mean, because that’s exactly what I felt at that moment! I said goodbye and quickly put away the board, I was scared then (and it still freaks me out even today) and I just put the board in my closet and didn’t touch it for weeks… next time I did the only thing it said was “leave” then went to goodbye. I asked it how I would die and it said “me”. During …

“We almost lost her,” recalled Darren, “And that was when I began to suspect a demonic attack.” Could Darren’s constant encounters with the demon Zozo have put his daughter’s life in danger? One time the spirit claimed to be my friend’s dead aunt, and then it began to claim it was in hell with Zozo. After a while, she started going still for a few minutes and then waking up, and so we asked her if she was ready to end and we did.

The answer…Is NO!! This final excerpt appears on the blog of paranormal researcher Darren Evans — yes, the very same Darren from the above story — who has spent several years researching the Zozo phenomenon after his own horrifying experience.

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