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mirror mirror on the wall mandela

As satan pushes his witchcraft (magic) sorcery onto the general population, he seeks to change words to reflect satanic majick. I have always turned on closed captions for any film I’ve watched and found that helped me follow the plots easier. Whoever wrote the Italian translation had probably read the original Grimm’s tale and “fixed” the Disney version. For example, Sinbad did star in other movies in the 1990s and appeared in a movie poster for the film “Houseguest” coming out of a mailbox (this looked similar to a genie, which could explain the association with the movie “Shazaam”). I hear you milk. As each person chimes in with their own experience or memory of an event, those false memories could affect the memories of other people, thus coloring them to remember the events in the same way. I’m serious, I’ve seen it in Spanish, in French, in Italian, in German, on YouTube, and it has changed. Liars, deceivers. I think the Mandela Effect removed the word “all”. I’m not saying there’s time travellers or anything, but something is at the very least quite curious about all this. The original book used Mirror Mirror, Disney's movie adaptation is the only thing that changed the line (or got changed by ME take your pick). I did not mention the mandela effect by name because I didn’t want to blow them over all at once and have them write me off as a lunatic, in case they had never heard of it. As far as merchandise, it’s fallible. This is an important issue. Not limited to, but including the following: Unfortunately these objects muddy the waters even further, but leads to some possible correlations to Disney staff throughout the years since the original film. https://youtu.be/W_iPRDggdVM

Thinking that because a franchise maintains that something always was 100% correct means it was is as foolish as thinking that because u remember it differently it has been fundamentally changed. My reasons for thinking this are that these books also often contains information such as the Queen smashing the Magic Mirror in anger after hearing Snow White survived, and the Dwarves building a bed for Snow White the day after she arrives. I’m sorry but you’re totally disrespectful towards not only a team of professionals but a hole country ( I’m sure that most italians speak english fluently or at least understand it). So… congratulations? You might be surprised to learn, then, that the line was actually, “No, I am your father.” Most people have memories of the line being the former rather than the latter. http://picpaste.com/pics/snowwhitemirror-fGEzqU2T.1508222986.jpg.
Sometimes it changes the words. Maybe is a pandemic, right?

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