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The reason why is because of their size: they don’t grow very big. And in case they do, they will just cause your finger to swell but nothing more.

As far as temperament is concerned, corn snakes are relatively docile. As follows is a list of what we believe are the most docile snakes together with our best beginner snake recommendations. Which is Better? On top of it, ball pythons are very cheap.

In other words, it hadn’t been run over. What is the Proper Temperature and Humidity for your Reptile?

You won’t have to worry too much about being bitten.

In the wild, these snakes are actually known to eat baby turtles, birds, eggs, frogs, lizards, rodents, and…other snakes. In fact, we’d even go so far as to say that ball pythons are the friendliest, most easy-going snake species we’ve had the pleasure of working with daily. Common orange/brown corn snakes typically cost between $20-$50 dollars.

When it comes to cost, a Corn Snake is on the cheaper side. One has brown and creme bands all down the length of its body. King snakes can be a bit on the larger side.

You really can’t go wrong with any of them! Check out the Ball Python Care Guide for more! Both species have similar care requirements, both grow to be about the same size, and both can be purchased in a seemingly endless number of morphs.

Corn snakes are relatiely easy to breed, and females can lay anywhere from 10-30 eggs. Kenyan sand boas make great beginner pets due to their manageable size, passive personality and simple captive care requirements.

So, if you’re looking for a pet snake on the smaller side, this is a great choice. So, to avoid any traumatic experiences, it’s best to keep these guys separated from any other snakes. As a beginner snake pet owner, be sure to read up on the care guides and even consider picking up a book or two on the snake you want to keep so that you are well informed on their care requirements.

Babies are beautiful and active.

We love hearing from you, so be sure to let us know in the comments what your first snake was!

In fact, corn snakes and king snakes have a lot in common. © SnakeTracks.com 1999 - 2020 - All Rights Reserved, Corn Snakes: The Comprehensive Owner’s Guide. Aside from the docile nature, the smaller relative size, and low price, Ball Pythons are popular because of the wide variety of morphs they come in. Kenyan sand boas can be fed thawed pinkie mice as babies, then more appropriately sized thawed mice as they mature. If the answer is yes, then check out 5 of the most docile snakes that you can get for yourself today. This only lasts for a short period and they will revert back to their docile nature afterward. All rights reserved. Snakes need specific care and nutrition to grow and thrive. It’s actually pretty cute! Heat is very important for pet snakes because without sufficient heat, they can’t digest their food properly and will either refuse to eat, or will regurgitate when they do attempt to eat.

There are endless quality care sheets available on the Internet, but suffice it to say, they require a water dish, hide spot, some bedding (we use aspen mulch), and a heat source.
When choosing a corn snake, a captive-bred specimen is the best choice and shouldn’t be too difficult to find, since corn snakes breed fairly readily in captivity. Sand Boas are extremely passive snakes that prefer to spend most of their time hiding underground or burrowed underground. What Are the Best Pet Omnivorous Reptiles?

Both morphs usually have a white underbelly. Ball Pythons are among the most commonly owned pet snakes: they are the smallest of all the other pythons, are non venomous and very easy to keep.

In fact, we’d even go so far as to say that ball pythons are the friendliest, most easy-going snake species we’ve had the pleasure of working with daily. It was a beautiful California king snake, around five-feet in length, and looked to be in good shape.

There is much more to know before getting a snake as a pet. These snakes are very popular as pets.

However, size depends on the sex, but typically Hognoses only grow between 24-36 inches. These are constrictor snakes. Most ball pythons are pleased to be taken out of their enclosure and held. Your email address will not be published. This means you’ll potentially have your pet reptile’s companionship for decades.

Also native to the United States, they are typically… Interestingly, California king snakes are also found in Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Mexico, so they’ve got a pretty extensive range. Check out the Kenyan Sand Boa Care Guide for more!

They’re easy to handle so you can actually enjoy them and they are perfect to getting you comfortable handling snakes so you can advance to other snake species later on if you want to. Even with the most docile of giant snakes, a keeper also risks pulling a muscle while handling their 150-pound serpent, but that’s improbable with these little guys. Aside from the docile nature, the smaller relative size, and low price, Ball Pythons are popular because of the wide variety of morphs they come in. It’s important that you provide your Kenyan sand boa with an appropriate substrate.

This species was given its name because their bellies resemble the colors of Indian corn.

Most ball pythons are happy to be taken out of their enclosure and are very docile, not too active, and relaxed. Meet the Backwater Reptiles Resident Herps! You might have heard that snakes have unpredictable temperaments.

What is the Difference Between Leucistic and Albino? Are you thinking about becoming the owner of a pet snake? They are good beginner snakes because they have a docile nature, cool patterns, are easy to maintain and don’t get too large (usually, they will grow somewhere in between 36-48 inches long).

Corn Snakes are currently seen as good beginner pet snakes as they are widely accessible, not too expensive, and are very easy to maintain as they can survive in almost any condition.

Most ball pythons are happy to be taken out of their enclosure and are very docile, not too active, and relaxed. Salmonella and Pet Reptiles and Amphibians, Unboxing Your New Pet Reptile, Amphibian, or Invertebrate. They’re not difficult to handle can be a little tricky and may try to escape from their enclosure.

Raptor’s Story – A Blue Tongue Skink Rehab Diary. Purchasing a Live Animal as a Gift for the Holidays. We’ve put king snakes on our list of most docile snakes because while they can be squirrelly as hatchlings, they rarely bite or strike at people intentionally. Kenyan Sand Boas are constrictors and don’t use venom to kill their prey. Sand boas only get to be about two feet long at their biggest and rarely surpass the diameter of a jumbo-size Sharpie marker. Housing a group of females with one male is a … In other words, it allows your snake to get warm, or cool down, as it sees fit. However, as with all things in life, there are positive AND negative aspects… As such, make sure you considered these “cons” before deciding on a small snake: Health concerns. Their range in the wild is very extensive, from Africa to the Middle East. Ball pythons are easy to keep too. If you are interested in a pet king snake, Backwater Reptiles sells healthy, captive bred hatchlings and adults of all types. This allows your pet snake to thermoregulate on its own. Most will be around three to four feet long, but they can get up to six feet long in some instances.

They looked like two intertwined ropes rolling across the blacktop. They’re one of the most docile snakes you’ll ever find.

They have relatively long life spans too, averaging 20 years, with reports of some living beyond the age of 30!

Let’s not forget to mention that captive breeding efforts also produce a multitude of beautiful color morphs and unique patterns.

We’ve also seen a pair of king snakes mating on a warm road. There Is Loads Of Information On The Corn Snake. We were turning into our neighborhood and my wife noticed a large snake laying on the road. These boas are almost always captive bred, which means you’re starting with a clean slate, so-to-speak. As unbelievable as it might sound, owning a pet snake is way less demanding than owning any other kind of animal, like dogs for example. King snakes can make absolutely excellent pets and are readily available both through breeders and at pet stores.

The naturally occurring color of Kenyan sand boas is beautiful as it is, but there are also plenty of color morphs to choose from. However, in the wild they often lay on blacktop roads at nighttime to absorb the heat from the day. Perhaps this notion is preventing you from getting a pet snake of your own? Depending on the morph, Ball Pythons usually cost $40-80 on the low end and up to $500 on the high end. California King Snake (Lampropeltis g. californiae).

The incubation period is quite short, right around two months.

King snakes are diurnal, which means they’re active during the day.

If you want to learn more about king snake morphs, feel free to check out an article we wrote a while back that goes into detail about the most popular king snake morphs. You can use an inexpensive temp gun to easily determine the surface temperature. In fact, California king snakes are natural Rattlesnake predators. This of course can pose a problem if the road is active. Hognose snakes tend to be timid but for some reason, during their adolescent stage, they can be a little more aggressive. View BackwaterReptiles’s profile on Facebook, View BackwtrReptiles’s profile on Twitter, View BackwaterReptiles’s profile on Instagram, View backwater-reptiles-10b13839’s profile on LinkedIn, How To Trim Your Tortoise's Beak and Nails, The Grumpy Rain Frog (Breviceps mossambicus), Common Snapping Turtle vs. Florida Snapping Turtle, How to Care for Your Flying Dragon (Draco volans).

Backwater Reptiles sells a variety of corn snake morphs ranging from albino to crimson. Like ball pythons, they are also available in a variety of color morphs. In the wild, they’ve been known to even eat lizards and small birds.

Some morphs are extremely rare, making them much more expensive.
In our opinion, the most unique are the lavender morphs, which have purple tones in their skin.

I swerved to avoid it, and pulled over to take a look. Most people assume sand is the best substrate, and while sand is fine, you can also use coconut fiber, aspen bedding, and even newspaper. Even though they are venomous they rarely ever bite humans. It was definitely a sight to behold.

California Kingsnakes look really cool and like Corn snakes, are widely available. Yep, king snakes are notorious snake-eaters.

They have an extreme tolerance to Rattlesnake venom. Although, please note that they aren’t thick snakes, so while their length can be long, they never achieve a size that’s challenging to manage.

They’ll attack and consume large rattlers, despite being bitten.

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