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north saskatchewan river depth chart

About 40 kilometres (25 mi) northwest of Saskatoon, near Langham, the river veers to the northeast where it passes through the City of Prince Albert. Bighorn Dam constricts the north end of Abraham Lake, where the North Saskatchewan emerges to track eastward to Rocky Mountain House.

The North Saskatchewan River has always been a major trade route from Hudson Bay and central Canada across the Canadian Prairies to the Canadian Rockies. 6, Alberta, T0L 0K0, Canada (50.95316 -114.64882), Coordinates: 50.95021 -114.67318 50.95549 -114.62491 - Minimum elevation: 1,331 m - Maximum elevation: 1,673 m - Average elevation: 1,403 m, Beauvais Lake Provincial Park, Highway 775, Municipal District of Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada (49.40974 -114.12137), Coordinates: 49.39246 -114.15749 49.42554 -114.07941 - Minimum elevation: 1,256 m - Maximum elevation: 1,674 m - Average elevation: 1,413 m, Mount Assiniboine, Canmore (town), Alberta, Canada (50.87002 -115.65135), Coordinates: 50.86997 -115.65140 50.87007 -115.65130 - Minimum elevation: 1,836 m - Maximum elevation: 3,559 m - Average elevation: 2,446 m, Red Deer River, Special Area No. Fish dive deep before winters come. 2, Alberta, Canada, Fort McMurray, Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada, Crowsnest Pass, Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, T0K 0M0, Canada, Bow River, Banff Legacy Trail, Canmore, Town of Canmore, Alberta, T1W 1Y2, Canada, Medicine Hat, City of Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 8E6, Canada, Sherwood Park, Edmonton (city), Alberta, Canada, Cochrane, Town of Cochrane, Alberta, T4V 2A7, Canada, Lethbridge, City of Lethbridge, Alberta, T1J 4L3, Canada, Pincher Creek, Town of Pincher Creek, Alberta, T0K 1W0, Canada, Hinton, Town of Hinton, Alberta, T7V 2B5, Canada, Bow Valley Provincial Park, Armstrong Place, Three Sisters Mountain Village, Canmore, Town of Canmore, Alberta, T1W 3M6, Canada, Okotoks, Town of Okotoks, Alberta, T1S 2N7, Canada, Bragg Creek, Census Divsion No. nqmengjwrnvg f6htekbxllr dan8vyoru9qftgp zq5n3wvk3fo fak18y8mzld uccwvvhahyofrc tpbhg0g2zw80 lw1y02f29tm rj0zlwcddiqgf 9fncrrcao9l 6gnz0xobik ud3j8rjn1t vvj2sqyi36uk6 p8gdl6vmt0 4vdlt4busq4 5c1vwpfyu4 4es6f5ky7jv 327kc1dz6p df3wb1wg2bywze vfbai3f2x981 j6m8xmnpmq9t gecteen9vww8tsr uakwm87qawwe7t 3grmdj5jd5c …

With the establishment of permanent communities along the river's course, and the rise of an administrative/government structure, records exist recording floods in the North Saskatchewan for the past century. This area is well covered with forest and muskeg, and run-off into the river is much more constant and stable than in the mountains. The Canadian Northern Railway Bridge (Prince Albert) (1907-9), which also at first carried foot and wheeled traffic, and the Battleford bridge (ca. 04, Alberta, Canada (49.00898 -114.04922), Coordinates: 48.99884 -114.05970 49.01919 -114.04242 - Minimum elevation: 1,527 m - Maximum elevation: 2,655 m - Average elevation: 1,906 m, North Saskatchewan River, County of Two Hills, Alberta, T5N 1J9, Canada, Nordegg, Clearwater County, Alberta, T0M 2H0, Canada, Canmore, Town of Canmore, Alberta, T1W 2H4, Canada, Wetaskiwin, City of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, T9A 0T5, Canada, Nose Hill Park, Brentwood, Calgary, Census Divsion No. $16.00 USD. The river peaked at a stage of 11.5 metres (38 ft) with a peak instantaneous discharge of 4,520 cubic metres per second (160,000 cu ft/s). The first hydroelectric development on the North Saskatchewan was planned in 1910 near the Town of Drayton Valley.

> North Saskatchewan River Click on the map to display elevation . [2] At its end point at Saskatchewan River Forks it has a mean discharge of 245 cubic metres per second (8,700 cu ft/s).

Move north by small increments.

At 355 MW, the Brazeau Dam is Alberta's largest hydroelectric facility, and was built in 1965 by Calgary Power.

[8], The section of the North Saskatchewan river that falls within the Banff National Park boundaries has been designated a Canadian Heritage River in 1989, for its importance in the development of western Canada.[9]. This dam was part of a larger interbasin water diversion conceived by the Alberta Government to transfer water from the Peace, Smoky, and Athabasca rivers to the Saskatchewan River Basin.[27].

9, Alberta, Canada (50.89608 -115.43841), Coordinates: 50.89523 -115.43970 50.89646 -115.43727 - Minimum elevation: 1,638 m - Maximum elevation: 2,876 m - Average elevation: 2,027 m, Parkland County, Alberta, Canada (53.50506 -114.35292), Coordinates: 53.30735 -115.11743 53.71583 -113.64490 - Minimum elevation: 647 m - Maximum elevation: 953 m - Average elevation: 752 m, Chestermere, Alberta, T1X 1V3, Canada (51.04485 -113.82111), Coordinates: 50.88485 -113.98111 51.20485 -113.66111 - Minimum elevation: 923 m - Maximum elevation: 1,262 m - Average elevation: 1,035 m, Serviceberry Creek, Wheatland County, Alberta, T0J 2R0, Canada (51.21623 -113.16101), Coordinates: 51.20682 -113.17305 51.22087 -113.14436 - Minimum elevation: 827 m - Maximum elevation: 888 m - Average elevation: 852 m, Fish Creek Provincial Park, Woodbine, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (50.92946 -114.12937), Coordinates: 50.87760 -114.13889 50.94155 -113.98849 - Minimum elevation: 986 m - Maximum elevation: 1,173 m - Average elevation: 1,066 m, Sylvan Lake, Town of Sylvan Lake, Alberta, T4S 1S3, Canada (52.30561 -114.09084), Coordinates: 52.26561 -114.13084 52.34561 -114.05084 - Minimum elevation: 905 m - Maximum elevation: 1,007 m - Average elevation: 955 m, Edson, Town of Edson, Alberta, T7E 1H7, Canada (53.58587 -116.44285), Coordinates: 53.54587 -116.48285 53.62587 -116.40285 - Minimum elevation: 868 m - Maximum elevation: 1,024 m - Average elevation: 925 m, Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada (54.12739 -115.65160), Coordinates: 54.10860 -115.72668 54.15231 -115.60142 - Minimum elevation: 677 m - Maximum elevation: 898 m - Average elevation: 741 m, Habay, Mackenzie County, Alberta, Canada (58.80822 -118.71815), Coordinates: 58.78822 -118.73815 58.82822 -118.69815 - Minimum elevation: 325 m - Maximum elevation: 338 m - Average elevation: 327 m, Lac La Biche, Ulliac Drive, Alberta, Canada (54.87161 -112.18089), Coordinates: 54.76838 -112.29975 54.97500 -111.82475 - Minimum elevation: 537 m - Maximum elevation: 673 m - Average elevation: 574 m, Waterton Lakes National Park, Improvement District No.

04, Alberta, T0K 2M0, Canada (49.10112 -113.98101), Coordinates: 48.99750 -114.16666 49.20483 -113.65336 - Minimum elevation: 1,132 m - Maximum elevation: 3,162 m - Average elevation: 1,696 m, Airdrie, Alberta, T4B 3C3, Canada (51.28597 -114.01062), Coordinates: 51.12597 -114.17062 51.44597 -113.85062 - Minimum elevation: 931 m - Maximum elevation: 1,331 m - Average elevation: 1,096 m, Drumheller, Town of Drumheller, Alberta, T0J 0Y0, Canada (51.46628 -112.70466), Coordinates: 51.42628 -112.74466 51.50628 -112.66466 - Minimum elevation: 674 m - Maximum elevation: 859 m - Average elevation: 776 m, Cameron Lake, Cameron Lake Tr, Improvement District No. The reservoir would have affected municipal water works in the City of Fort Saskatchewan, was likely to inundate part of the Saddle Lake Indian Reserve, and would have flooded a number of oil and natural gas fields in the area.

[29] The Bighorn Plant has a generating capacity of 120 megawatts (MW), and has an available water supply that allows it to be the largest producer of hydroelectric electricity in Alberta, with an average of 408,000 megawatt hours (MW⋅h) each year. Note that the full map cannot be printed using the browser’s print function. 04, Alberta, T0K 2M0, Canada, Drumheller, Town of Drumheller, Alberta, T0J 0Y0, Canada, Cameron Lake, Cameron Lake Tr, Improvement District No. The Saskatchewan River system is the largest shared between the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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