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According to the drama Instagram account @tiktokroom, the group made the decision to move because they’re considering expanding soon. } In addition to FaZe Kay's detached pool house, one other streamer is living somewhat apart from the rest of the gang. For those who aren’t familiar with the different collectives of internet collab houses, the Clout House was formerly used by FaZe Banks and his group. 5 years ago. There are rumors that she has previously dated Ricegum. Ing Faze Rug Old House He Is Moving To New You READ Faze Rug Tunnel Location. They recently made a new Youtube video titled “Revealing the new $30,000,000 FaZe house”, and while experts say the house isn’t actually worth $30 million, it’s definitely pretty impressive. This intimate space features a full-length massage table and a small fountain to add to the relaxing atmosphere. State of the art security combining Crestron art home system & 20 exterior cameras. line-height: normal; “Not a smart idea, Thomas.”. According to the AHR, the Canadian pop star once lived in the mansion that later became known as the Clout House.

/*.rll-youtube-player .play { /* View slug: blog-thread - start */ /* View slug: blog-thread - end */ About . The new theater set-up occupies a separate room in the basement and features a big screen, a projector, and three rows of large, reclining seats. padding: 3px 5px;

Most of the houses have been in Hollywood as their headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. I STOLE A SAFE FROM THE $30,000,000 FAZE HOUSE!! /* Content Template: content-template-for-post-layout - start */ Fans of FaZe would have many memories from the infamous house on Weidlake Drive, however, it’s time to make new memories.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gamelife_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',104,'0','0'])); The new FaZe House is grand in every way possible. /* View slug: campaign-search - start */ display: none!important; For perspective, splitting that cost among the ten FaZe Clan members living in the house averages out to $8,000 per person every single month.

} The gaming group just began renting a new house in Burbank, California for $80,000 dollars a month. While many people likely have memories of parents cutting their hair in the kitchen or bathrooms of their childhood homes, FaZe Clan's house takes things up a few notches, providing a space where professional stylists can offer a full hair care service. His YouTube channel has nearly 2.3 million subscribers, and he features gaming videos and regular vlogs. width: 100%!important; .single-post .sf-blog-item:empty { This home was built in 2012 and last sold on 6/5/2020 for $39,500. However, in the video revealing the new home to its YouTube audience, FaZe Clan claims the value is actually $30 million. Aside from being a pro gamer, he is also a music producer and self-proclaimed “Internet Gangster” with a net worth of $2 million. Non the less the two count each other as close friends. The 26-year-old Swede was featured leading a workout class in the FaZe house tour, and he's also a director of the group. Before the FaZe Clan moved into the house, YouTubers RiceGum and Sommer Ray were also residents at the address, making it well-recognized in the YouTube community. {{#media.focal_point}}. After a nasty breakup with Jake Paul and removal from Team 10, Alissa and Banks started dating.

When living in a multi-million dollar home, it's understandable that you may experience some paranoia about break-ins or other privacy violations. Another YouTuber turned international superstar reportedly inhabited the mansion before FaZe Clan: singer, songwriter, and music sensation Justin Bieber. The trio who started ‘Clout Gang’ and who were the first residents of the Clout House are some of the most well known current social media influencers. However, while chilling by in the lake or pool is the perfect leisurely activity for a hot LA day, there is more fun to be had in the backyard of the new FaZe Clan mansion. I MOVED INTO THE OLD FAZE HOUSE!!

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