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ouzo 12 vs metaxa

Hope it works out well! (3 vs 5 vs 7 vs 12), Metaxa Cocktails: Easy and Delicious Drinks Made with Greek Brandy.

A personal favorite of mine is the ouzo made in my hometown by Karonis Distilleries.

From the Middle East to the Mediterranean, as well as central Europe, nations around the world make anise spirits and liqueurs, each similar yet simultaneously celebrated for their distinct cultural significance. Absinthe is a household name, as lauded for its anise-and-wormwood licorice kick as its sordid history.

That's what I would get.

Ouzo is full of lip-smacking flavors (like fennel, coriander, and cloves), so much so that it delivers quite a taste punch.

The spirit is made by distilling grape-based tsipoura, similar to Italy’s grappa, and is then flavored with anise along with such common co-stars as fennel, coriander, clove, cinnamon, and star anise. Fortunately, this is not entirely true, but it is always advisable not to consume strong alcohol on an empty stomach, so it still makes sense. There is an aftertaste here that I wasn’t too keen on when I first tried it, but having been brought up drinking Karonis, which is completely different, it was to be expected. (Anise and star anise, while similarly named and flavored, are actually completely different plants.

The spirit swooped in as the national drink of France as the “green fairy” flew out, mainly due to the latter’s production and sale being illegal for many years. Archived. Ouzo is said to have been created from another Greek drink, tsipouro. Your email address will not be published.

For this reason there is a need for the Metaxa winery to keep a wine master. Metaxa also owns the Ouzo 12 brand, which is huge in Greece, so they didn’t see any point in competing with themselves.

A more potent option is Lebanon’s arak, also seen as “arrack” throughout the Middle East. Unlike vodka, it as a very strong taste, so it doesn’t make for a great mixer. © 2014 - 2020 VinePair Inc. — Made In NYC, Next Round Live: What's Happening in the Drinks Industry Now, The Best Pairing for Aged Wine Is Already in Your Glass, Here’s Why Shiraz Is the Most Popular Red Wine in Australia, Consumers Are Still Trading Up on Wine in the Covid Era, but the Wins Are Uneven, AleSmith‌ ‌Brewing‌ Company's Vicky‌ ‌and‌ ‌Peter‌ ‌Zien‌ 'Pay It Forward' Through Philanthropy, Personnel, and Pints. But, I can vouch for Metaxa being good. Sambuca is the sweetened anise-flavored liqueur of Italy, served neat or with water. You can get about half a gallon of ouzo for the same price as you would pay for a small bottle of the imported brand name stuff.

The more expensive brands are still quite cheap here, typically on par with 5 star Metaxa. 5 years ago. It is a strong, clear spirit typically 40% in volume. Popular brands of ouzo today include Metaxa, Ouzo 12, Pilavas, and Barbayannis. Like its other anise-flavored brethren, arak is best enjoyed diluted and chilled. Close. All the Anise Spirits That Aren’t Absinthe, Explained | VinePair, https://vinepair.com/articles/anise-spirits-absinthe-guide/, wbs_cat Spirit, wbs_type Arak, wbs_type Ouzo, wbs_type Pastis, wbs_type Raki, wbs_type Sambuca, wbs_brand Chinchón, wbs_brand González Byass, wbs_brand Luxardo, wbs_brand Molinari, wbs_brand Pernod Ricard, absinthe, anise spirits, arak, chinchon, liqueur, ouzo, pastis, raki, sambuca, The Best Pairing for Aged Wine Is Already in Your Glass | VinePair, https://vinepair.com/articles/best-pairing-aged-wine/, wbs_cat Wine, aged wine, food pairing, vintage, Wine, wine pairing.
The Greeks take pride in pairing and serving specific types of mezedes with ouzo, such as grilled octopus, prawns, or squid; cheese and meat platters, or other “little bites.” There are even special establishments called “ouzeries” dedicated solely to this practice.

Metaxa is a wine that takes tradition very seriously. The Gift of the Greek by Yiota Giannakopoulou, Metaxa: What is it and Where to Find it?

Don’t gulp it down. His task takes a lot of training and experience in order to balance out the natural flavors and keep the taste of the wine constant year after year. There are some ways to get more variety out of this drink though. Ouzo is produced in dozens of local distilleries across the country and as well as being sold cheaply within Greece, it’s also shipped far and wide. This is because ouzo is often considered to be a “dirty” drink by the locals, one that isn’t kind on the stomach and should therefore be consumed with food. Ouzo 12 is what I like best, and what I've always seen in bars. Geographic Denomination of Chinchón was recognized in 1989.

Molinari Sambuca, established in 1945, is perhaps the best-known sambuca brand. Ouzo 12, Metaxa Ouzo, or Plomari Ouzo? In the US you should pay no more than $30 for a bottle and it is typically available at $20 or less. If you order a drink of ouzo in Greece then it will be served with a small plate of finger foods, including cured meats, crackers and cheese.

It’s very enjoyable and makes for a great summer tipple.

Greek and Mediterranean Recipes, Cocktails and Nutrition.

Metaxa is a blend of spirits from different years, in the same way that sherry is a blend, and so the youngest spirit in 12-Star has been aged for at least twelve years. This is said to be the reason why one community of 14th century monks decided to spice the drink up by adding anise, thus creating ouzo. Ask Adam: Is Dark Rosé Sweeter Than Light Rosé? Every ingredient used is completely natural and organic; no chemicals are used in the process at all.

Ouzo 12 .

The alcohol is distilled in copper stills and then a number of spices and flavorings are added to give it its unique taste. This is still a great ouzo though and it’s also widely available as an import. Ouzo is very strong; drinking it on an empty stomach isn’t a good idea.

It’s always best to serve over ice and to finish with a slice of lemon or lime, adding color and a dash of citrus. This distillery is the only place in the world where Metaxa is produced. Posted by. It’s always best to serve over ice and to finish with a slice of lemon or lime, adding color and a dash of citrus. These include: This recipe may differ slightly depending on the brand and you will notice that there is a distinct flavoring in all of them. You may recall ouzo being cloudy and white, rather than clear — this is called the louche effect, or “the ouzo effect,” and occurs when the spirit is mixed with water.

Greek ouzo is the traditional recipe.

It is also the most expensive (usually), so take that into consideration. Where to Find Ouzo in Greece. According to González Byass, Chinchon’s exclusive distributor, the distillate is made using Matalahuga green anise sourced from Seville, Spain, and uses a 17th-century production method. Required fields are marked *. Making Metaxa. But pastis, lighter than absinthe and often consumed “louched” over ice, is considered smoother and more mellow than other anise spirits. This is a common way to enjoy the drink over ice, usually alongside a meze platter or meal. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Thanks for you advice! Ouzo begins with the production of a neutral spirit, which means it’s not blended from strong, flavorful wines/brandies like Metaxa, or from beers and mashes like whiskey. !, but are you sure that is not what you meant. Anise, or aniseed, is a plant whose seed is used in European, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine, while star anise is a plant native to China.).

In Nafplio, where the distiller is based, you can drop in with an empty bottle and fill it directly from the tap. Your email address will not be published. In the UK you can buy from supermarkets for £15 to £20.

If you’re not used to Ouzo and want to start, you might consider picking up a bottle of Ouzo 12 to get yourself acquainted with the strong spirit before you try any other types. Ouzo, the anise spirit of Greece, is an assertively licorice-flavored clear spirit that hangs around the 40 percent ABV range (by law, it has to be at least 37.5 percent ABV, or 75 proof). I can't say I've tried MUCH Ouzo. Ouzo 12, Metaxa Ouzo, or Plomari Ouzo? It is typically served over ice, to which water is then added, forming a cloudy drink with a slightly blue tinge. At the very least you will get a shot or two of ouzo in a glass and a bottle of water on the side so you can pour to taste. Along with Metaxa, ouzo is considered to be the drink of Greece and not without reason.

Anise spirits of similar makeup and ritual exist throughout the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions.

Ouzo is best drunk straight. Its labels include the traditional Chinchón, Chinchón Sweet, and Chinchón Dry.

It is strong and has less of a fruity taste than other varieties, but that fruity taste can be a little off-putting anyway.

I’m biased, I know, but it’s also a drink that my English partner adores and one that he prefers to the more popular brands like Ouzo 12.

Ouzo is very cheap in Greece, but if you order in a bar that tourists frequent and in a city that is big on tourists then you can expect to pay a little more.
I've never seen a Metaxa ouzo & not sure it would be awarded stars like brandy if they did do one.

Popular brands of ouzo today include Metaxa, Ouzo 12, Pilavas, and Barbayannis. Available from all major retailers worldwide. Brandy: For an extra depth of flavor, try Metaxa or strongly flavored brandy (like cherry brandy) with ouzo and vodka or tsipouro. Each cask contains 3500 litres.

We go deep down into the cellar and see the huge casks of maturing Metaxa.

The taste is dry, but with a hint of sweetness and a strong, aniseed/licorice taste. Pitsiladi . Spain’s Chinchón is an anise liqueur produced in Chinchón near Madrid. Sambuca reportedly gets its name from the Latin word sambucus, meaning “elderberry,” and has no relation to the Italian town of the same name. In bars, as mentioned above, you may be served the components as opposed to a drink, with a little bottle of ouzo, a bottle of water and a meze. Some may have been aged even longer, but none less than twelve years. Molinari’s recipe is safely guarded, but is said to include star anise oils from China and sugar and wheat for grain spirit sourced throughout Europe. Typically, you can drop into a local distillery and find ouzo at its cheapest, but you can also find low-priced bottles in your local liquor store or supermarket. 8.

Ouzo has a somewhat unique flavor, although it does bear some similarities to sweeter anise-flavored drinks like sambuca. Sambuca (Italy) Sambuca is synonymous with Molinari in many Italian households.

This is a dry, stronger drink that doesn’t have as much flavor and is more of an acquired taste (which is why it is often consumed in shots and not sipped).

Possibly the anise liqueur most often referred to as an absinthe alternative is the Provençal pastis, distilled with star anise, fennel, licorice, and other aromatic herbs, then added sugar. Karonis Ouzo is not as widely available as Ouzo 12 outside of Greece, but it’s very cheap and common in Greece and if you have the chance to pickup a few bottles I would definitely recommend it.

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