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I was easily able to make hit after hit at 50 yards on a 10” plate using the Black Hills load. Really. I think it’s the fact someone has a different opinion than him, and his small James Yeager addled brain can’t handle it. > As needed, apply additional lube. I pull the holster out and then reholster. Lighter and Smoother Sig Sauer P365 Trigger Pull. In a Colt, the new “King Cobra” announced with a 3″ barrel. It’s not 7 pounds. And let’s face it, there’s no way you could achieve this look with a hot iron. There are also a number of replaceable grip modules that are customized or available to add your own custom idea with stippling and Ceracote.

As people here at TTAG can see, when I’m short of time, my comments can get far, far, faaaar too long. That being said my night stand gun has one. Like any new model hand gun you must wait at least 2 years and after dozens of recalls on a newly designed pistol before the bugs are worked out of the design because gun companies in their blind greed figure its cheaper to let the public test the new gun and find out about the design problems rather than the manufacturer taking the time to test it and do it right before they dump their latest and greatest plasticky wonder turd on the buying public. Sear components were NOT polished. I read somewhere that Sig will be offering a manual safety kit so that owners will be able to update models without one. Trigger Pull and Action Performance has improved dramatically from NIB values. Yeah, my ~1,000rd 365's trigger feels fine and measures 5lbs 1oz. So get a new P365 magazine before anything else. A .500 Smith. What does Manuel have to do with this? One guy I know wanted a manual safety on his fucking Glock. That it comes with tritium sights from the factory is a nice feature – worth at least $100, even to me, who could mount my own sights and buy them at FFL prices. The True Precision barrel offers a standard ½ x 28 threaded pitch portion for easy attachment of suppressors. If you’ve got a long-range shot to make, you can pull back the hammer for SA. l””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””While it may not seem like a huge upgrade, the manual thumb safety makes the P365 one of the safest everyday carry guns on the market today””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””. The P365 hasn’t become as popular as the Glock series, but it’s getting there. It’s just part of my muscle memory. Support said to go back to stock striker spring but keep the other two springs in. Not because it has the best trigger (it doesn’t). This switch is pressure activated when the weapon is gripped. Check out our beginners guns video course. The TLR-6 takes your carry gun and makes it effective not only 365 days a year, but 24 hours a day. The threaded match-grade barrel gets 6-groove rifling. Or buy online and have it sent there, Sportsman guide just listed them today! Modifying your weapon may be prohibited in your state. I’d rather carry the striker-fired P365 with a manual safety than without, but if it was a decocker-only DA/SA then you could unite the cautious worriers and the tactical crowd by being both safe and always ready to shoot when a round is chambered.

The P365’s sights are outstanding as far as I’m concerned. > M*Carbo's P365 Trigger Spring Kit. I was in the AF during the time the AF was forced to procure the A-10. Screwing around repeatedly pulling the trigger will often get on killed in a gun fight. Your tiny stock gun will look ridiculous and might not cycle too well with this monster up front. Price $88.75. This also works if you did stipple your gun and got it horribly, horribly wrong. Ergonomics * * * * * Yet, the AF did its best to remove the aircraft from service multiple times and failed. Check out Parker Mountain Machine for a barrel and micro comp and tactical.dev for some great P365 accessories. Also fits and functions for your Sig Sauer P365 XL Accessories and P365SAS Upgrades. Ive heard some good, and bad, things regarding the Smiths. The correct format is to precede the decimal with “0”, as in 0.5″. SIG is even introducing the Romeo Zero, a miniature red dot for the P365 XL. Why do you want your first shot to be more difficult and less accurate ? When I got the light on my P365 I started looking for a holster. A lot of OWB holsters that are designed to be concealed make it hard to get your full hand, including thumb, around the gun when drawing. If you have ideas for more Sig Sauer P365 Accessories send us an email. Not anymore. It’s been a top-selling gun since then, and SIG and the firearms industry seems to be happy to throw their weight behind it. With A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker, Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.

Pretty much.

Close in at 15 yards it was matched by Lehigh Defense’s HERO load, but out to 25 yards it quickly outpaces all the others and behaves like a little rifle round. I just have too many irons in the fire. It isn’t a sin to take all the help you can get. In 2,000+ rounds it never failed to feed or fire. The TruGlo sights are designed for daylight use but are high visibility and easy to see in low light as well. Whilst I was there, I also checked out some revolvers, including the K6. The TLR-6 is made for the P365 and to me, it’s an excellent addition to the P365. but it’s elegant, soft and you won’t feel it in the end. Theory over practice is the name of the game for the lucky 10%, who generally have no idea what anyone outside their own demographic wants or needs. The military knew that if the p320 would have had no manual safety they would have been dealing with accidents every day or even hourly. If you have opted for a ported slide, too, then this match grade barrel will peak through and transform the look of your custom pistol. When the AF failed to provide funding for a close air support aircraft the Army stepped up and said fund our attack helicopter. Lehigh Defense 90gr Xtreme Defense +P—————1301fps, 1” Custom Sig Sauer P365 Trigger Job that takes 20 minutes or less. If I get a P365 I would get the one with the safety. DG, I can SO relate to your every word describing your affliction! For pocket carry, the Recluse Holster is a very effective solution to a no manual safety fear. None the less, the AF developed, in my opinion, the absolute best air-to-ground support aircraft ever. That should smooth out the pull and may reduce the pull slightly. Every now and again when carrying, I’ll receive a hug from a member of the opposite sex, and if they feel a piece in a shoulder holster, they start playing “is that a gun or are you just happy to see me?” This is Wyoming, not California, and women know full well it’s a gun – they’re trying to sort out what type of gun you’re carrying to impress you…. Close. For those interested in the newest sights from Truglo for their P365... it's the TFX pro sights model # TG13SG4PC. Thank you for a well written, well thought out article. He do nothing! The SIG P365 has a trigger pull that’s significantly lighter at about 7 lbs, which puts it in the same range as most regular 1911s and some AR rifles.

If you are going to spend that kind of money on an optic, you might want to go the whole hog and buy a custom gun from Danger Close Armament. They, over time, come to be much more comfortable with a round chambered and hopefully that comfort will be extended to people who carry firearms without manual safeties, even though they wish the weapon had such accruements. Just a note of interest.

As accessories and upgrades go, this is one of the simplest. Stand out like sore thumbs.

He wrote many other good works that hold with the times, many of which are considered modern in their verse and setting. The Lightning Striker Steel Striker Pin was an instant fix for that troublesome issue and it’s still an upgrade. Seems like a rush to get it out when the 12 round was so well designed (including ergonomics). But the aesthetic argument is just done. Haven’t handled one yet. The above is my favorite carry gear, but there is no reason to stop there. That stops it ramming the frame and potentially increases the lifespan of your micro-compact pride and joy. I prefer a manual safety in an edc, – just my preference. My critics like to think they irk me, but I don’t even think about them. They’re outstanding shooters but the P365 is itself an excellent shooter for a gun of its size.

Best Sig Sauer P365 Aftermarket Parts to get the Most Performance out of your Sig Sauer P365 9mm!

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