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pathfinder sorcerer bloodline guide

Now you can! This is probably one of the best spell lists out there, as long as you keep your spell DCs for illusions high enough.

This one’s a keeper. While gross, this is both thematically and mechanically awesome, and I highly recommend it, even though the damage is pretty low for the level. This should NEVER come up, and if it did, you're playing your all-powerful 20th-level sorcerer completely wrong. You essentially become a plant. Punching things is worse than stabbing them.

As far as Eldritch Heritage goes, I could definitely see a Fighter, Ranger, or other frontline melee character taking this for Tremor, Crystal Shard, and maybe even the Earth Glide ability. As it is, it can be useful. : This would be great if you could use it more than once per day at 9th level, but as it is, it’s a weak 9th-level power. Blood Magic: C. Extra fire damage (even on non-damaging spells) is okay. Level 9 - Sorcerer 9: Skills - Lore: Religion 1, Knowledge: Arcana 1, Persuasion 1; Feat - Spell Penetration; Spells - Blur (2), Fireball (3), Overwhelming Grief (4); Bloodline Spell - Remove Curse (4). This is a huge deal in that it enables Occult and ESPECIALLY Divine bloodlines to access electric arc and ray of frost. Overall, this is sweet. This arcana lets you use your Wisdom score in place of Cha for every Sorcerer ability, which is very cool indeed. Anything that raises your effective caster level is good, and you get the added bonus of transporting an enemy into the “void of space” if the fail a will save, dealing tons of cold damage and causing them to hold their breath or risk suffocation. Iron Hide: This is a great option if you get pulled into melee, or if you like to polymorph. However, the arcana is so boring and terrible that I’d never recommend it. Bonus Spells: shocking grasp (3rd), invisibility (5th), fly (7th), minor creation (9th), overland flight (11th), chain lightning (13th), plane shift (15th), greater planar binding (17th), wish (19th). Sadly, you can't do that since you can't go Crossblooded with one regular bloodline and one Wildblooded. Taking this one for Eldritch Heritage might actually be really useful for a bard, as the beguiling voice ability could be very useful, and an extra use or two of fascinate couldn’t hurt. This is a decent ability, and can save your party’s butt in a real sticky situation.

Thank you for your dedication and effort in helping everyone in the game! You got one of the best bloodline arcanas ever but you lose the best part of the Arcane bloodline! The only complaint I have here is that you can already make non-electricity blasting spells into electricity damage, so having shocking grasp and chain lightning on your known spell list actually makes you lose a little bit of versatility. Out of all four choices, the Air one is definitely the best, as a fly speed can get you out of a TON of sticky situations. Black Motes (Sp): Cold damage is slightly more useful than fire damage. This is a great list of spells, all of them being very useful in almost any battle. Enlarge person is a good start, and they’re mostly very good spells, until you hit veil :-( .
You can give yourself concealment without taking any of the penalties associated with it, then you can just sit inside blasting away, safe from archers. Source = CRB. I'm a fan of this bloodline for a melee-focused build, as a good alternative to the Draconic or Infernal bloodlines. You can also choose Dodge and Empower Spell, both of which are solid feats. This is correct. Bloodline Skills: Occultism and Deception. I'll say green, but I'd like to see what PFS will replace this ability with. If you’re able to affect an enemy caster with one of your evocation spells, you silence them for a round, preventing verbal-component spells. Fearsome Survival: You know what? Bloodline Skills: Religion and Intimidation. This bloodline is from People of the Stars, and it's tailored mostly for Androids.
Your highest-level spell. This is awesome! Very well put together with solid explanations behind the ratings!

A nice set of spells, obviously dragon-themed. Climbs to B for Elemental Sorcerers, since it a) stacks with their Blood Magic and b) their granted spells include some of the best blasting options in the game. Use control spells like Grease (1), Create Pit (2), Stinking Cloud (3), Chains of Light (6) to neutralize groups of enemies before combat.

Other ways you can get precipitation to happen could be: familiar, which can use Boiling Rain once per day.

Arcana: Affect THREE creature types with your spells that normally only work on humanoids! I wouldn't recommend it for this character. Get a bonus on Stealth checks when you cast a darkness or shadow spell, for 1d4 rounds. You can still cast spells when you turn into a snake, which is a huge bonus over normal beast shape spells. [Windcaller]: You get free uses of control winds, which is cool, but it doesn’t help you get that precipitation you need for the boost in caster level, so it could be better. : Even more situational than Cold Steel.

Overall excellent utility caster. Blizzard (Sp): Good way to escape or to prevent enemies from flying.

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