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. So people can have the same wing, but different colors. But the reason I gave it a 3 star is because I keep getting glitches, Today I found out that I have ALL 3 pets for the Halloween chall. There are so many other good ideas in the other reviews so there are a lot of options. Get your own house. PK XD world is waiting for the new players to join! Problem, pig, cow and hippo are words in there (bubble chat, you cant type custom messages.) Can't even use anything I bought if I can't open the app. Try all the minigames! Are you excited about it? P.s. Open it and discover who these pets are!MORE PETS HAVE ARRIVED ON PK XDThere are now more 6 pets in the, Common, Uncommon and Rare categories.

Where you like keep your house but use a college dorm for like a week and you can only get a job if you go to college. I am not going to spoil it for you.

My personal view of the game: Please let me buy my things, Its great but if we had mail boxes that would give us coupons ones a day I bet every body would play, Every time I try to play it logs me out and today it is PKXD birthday and I'm trying to collect stars but it won't let me.It says it will tell you the instructions on a smartphone but I'm using an iPad .Its the Halloween event and it won't stop logging me out.I can't play the game at all please improve it.it also logs me out whenever there's a commercials.with all the new updates it's getting harder to play without being logged out. It’s so much fun!! Go and check out all the awesome stuff you can only find there!GESTURESYou can now interact even more with other players!NEW BUILDING ON THE WAYOurs robots are still working hard on it! ( I’m not a boy ) But one game that I would love to be made is Charades!How about we add more things that we can say? Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements. There’s only home stuff, no character customization. Or maybe… you have always wanted to be a dragon. I'm honestly In love with this app but I'm about ready to remove it for good. The others will encourage you to compete and show your skills to beat the rival down! Coronel Silva Telles, 977 5o andar In this update:- Celebrate the spooky and fun Halloween Event with your friends!- Play the new Candy Hunt minigame!- Adopt the new Halloween Pets and complete your collection!- Lots of Halloween Items: makeup, hairstyles, costumes and furnitures with the Halloween theme!- Bug fixes and small enhancements. Minutes instead of hours and seconds instead of minutes. Count pets while watching a chaotic parade!- New location inside the Giant Robot: THE ARCADE HUB!- New currency: TICKETS!

NEW XMAS MINIGAMEFind the lost gifts and get an exclusive Xmas item!MERRY CHRISTMASPlay PK XD on December 25th and get a gift!HIDDEN GIFTCan you find it?Gather your friends and go find it!NEW FRIEND LIST LIMIT!Now you can have up to 50 friends on your PK XD!PLUS: Bug fixes and small enhancements.Let us know what you think! It was be soooo much better! If these are not fixed, I am going to go CRAZY. First, you should add more places beside the neighborhood and playground. I don’t . Av. My little sister is trying to play the game but whenever she loads in the game immediately kicks her out. 3.I really think everyone would want a new world 4. TICKET STORE- The Ticket Store is now open for business!

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