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Thanks, Jeremy – good to hear positive things from a long-term owner! Whenever we get updated information from our suppliers we will endeavour to update the Estimated Delivery Dates provided on product pages. Latest deals. Have made the following changes to the stock set up: As way of comparison, my friend’s bike was a standard secondhand city bike. We never used the pump which came with the bikes. Let’s start with the most pedantic, but the thing that most touring cyclists really care about: bottle holders. Whenever you see an asterisk (*) after a link to a third-party website, I may earn a small commission (typically 3–5%) if you make a purchase after following the link. In addition, whilst easily obtained from a well-stocked shop or the internet, the pads are much harder to find on the road. I packaged the bike up in a cardboard box for my flight to Switzerland. We flew to Switzerland together and cycled home to the UK. I couldn’t imagine doing a long tour relying on just the drop brakes — leaning down to grip them properly is uncomfortable and unstable but reaching over the hood never gives enough strength to stop a fully-laden tourer (not the case with disc brakes, such as those on the Kona Sutra). This effectively means that you can only lift the bike, when laden, with your right arm. What’s The Best Camping Stove For Cycle Touring & Bikepacking? What most impressed me what that it took any terrain we cycled over in its stride. Terms and Conditions apply. The only thing it really didn’t like was deep mud, but that was an accident anyway. Where Is It Possible To Explore On A Bicycle? They are a well reputed and durable brand designed for touring. Has no one thought of the obvious and bought a 29er? Bold claim. If we were designing the perfect bike for a more expedition-like tour such as ours, we would probably make the following changes: As it happens, Ridgeback’s new ‘Expedition’ touring bike appears to meet many of our requests, including 26-inch wheels and Schwalbe Marathon tyres. Rather than Reynolds 631, Ridgeback has gone one step higher and chosen Reynolds 725 for the Panorama. There might be something in it, or it could just be coincidental.I was squarely in between the Small and Medium frame size, so chose the Small to be safe. The supplied Avenir gel saddle is fine but we switched them to Brooks B17* leather touring saddles and would recommend doing the same to anyone. (622–559)/2 = 31.5 mm. I’ve still got this bike, but have just bought a VSF Fahrradmanufaktur TX-1000 Expedition Touring Bike for future tours. Great write-up, thanks In general it held up incredibly well. Ideally designed for short tours in developed countries, ours have performed well over a longer period (eight months and counting), carrying heavier loads (up to 45kg in winter) and over rough terrain (from dirt tracks in Albania to pot holed messes in India). This guest review has been written by Tim & Laura Moss, who at the time of writing are cycling to Australia, having departed the UK in the summer of 2013. If goods are not collected in that time they will added to shop stock and made available for general sale, deposits are non-refundable. Schwalbe Marathon 32mm tyres So if you want to take a Ridgeback outside of “the West” for several months then the Expedition may be a better (and cheaper) choice than the Panorama. Awesome, I recommend BikeTart and specifically this frame. The gear shifters are integrated into the drop brake levers which makes changing gears blissfully easy. I bought one of these in Edinburgh late 2012 to ride the North Sea Cycle Route. Top end kit, can’t wait to tour on it???????????? Of course though this doesn’t matter unless you are planning on making an adaptor or brazing on some bosses yourself. Quick Overview. 26″ rims have a diameter of 559 mm Exal LX17 rims (previously Mavic A719) That bike is a work horse. I can tell you don’t tour much or haven’t ridden on long rides for extended times. It feels like it’s a bike built to last. Yes, the hills/mountains were challenging, yet that’s to be expected when touring on a self-sufficient basis when all of the weight of food, water, cooker, tent, tools, spares and clothing etc. Welcome! subject to terms and status. Particularly on long, straight, flat canal paths. Things like replacement spoke hangers and bike pump hooks are gimmicks dreamt up by marketing departments. The third bottle holder fits underneath the frame, just in front of the bottom bracket. Société en Commandite par Actions Registered Office: 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg. When returning goods, if no fault is found we do not refund delivery charges and may charge for collecting the goods if they are not brought into our store. Start with the massive advice & planning page, or perhaps the beginners’ ebook. They’re both riding Ridgeback Panoramas and, after 6,000+ miles, have got to know their bikes rather well. The dates we provide are based on indications given by our suppliers. You can return any item within 30 days in original condition for a full refund or exchange. Same, to be honest, that it doesn’t come with the option for a front pannier rack. So, instead, you can submit your email address against the item you are interested in and we will email you as soon as stock arrives on the system. Secure Trust Bank Plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority with registration number 204550. We’re pretty damn honest with eachother. Adventures and experiments in two-wheeled travel. When’s The Right Time To Go Cycle Touring Or Bikepacking? We reckon the Panorama is an ideal high-end touring bike for short-ish trips around Europe, the US and other developed countries. My family toured as family holidays, so I’ve been in this game a long while! et Ice, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg. Performance Cycling Limited acts as a broker and offers credit from PayPal Credit. Otherwise, feel free to have a browse. You could get other work done at the same time such as I don’t consider the Ridgeback Panorama a serious touring bike.

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