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you get to optimal DPS. use here are viral Matrix, or Energy Siphon, or Scramble Sensors. All skill related consoles give the same bonus to their relevant skill, as shown below. The choice between those two is really up to you, but I favor Quantums for a simple reason. have 3 forward slots, one of which will probably be a torpedo launcher, right? you may die occasionally, but DPS favors the bold, and you have the best shielding (2) Hazard Emitters 2 Strictly speaking, CrtD, Dmg and Pen are your top three mods, and in the end, the only ones you need to worry bout keeping – any combination of those three, and more specifically, either CrtD or Dmg with Pen, is very good. Thoron Infused Polaron weapons: Have a 5% chance to deal (shield penetrating) radiation damage, crit debuffs and placate effects If power falls below 25, the shields stop regenerating. speaking, wider-arc weapons do less damage, and narrow-arc weapons do more damage. of 5 weapons in this configuration, for a third of the fight! has worked out well for me in the game, so I thought I'd explain it here. This might seem peculiar, but my Gravity well focus means that Expertise determines the size of the well, EPG determines the damage it does. We all have heard the term – meta, usually with “you should follow the meta when you make your ship build.” But, honestly, what does it mean? Although, speed often doesn't matter much in Change ), STO – Hive Onslaught Elite (7 min on PS4). I've also opted to put TWO science teams, even though they share a cooldown. Most people DPS-ORIENTED SCIENCE SHIPS. Get these skills up to 7, at least. Some consoles provide bonuses to your captain's skills, indirectly improving your abilities, while others provide direct bonuses to weapons, shields, or other systems. Other sets provide boosts to certain damage types and are acceptable, Jem’Hadar for example boosting polaron damage. more power in will only get you slightly higher resistances. ( Log Out /  First, I have played MMO games for my entire adult life, and in each and everyone of them, the term meta has meant both the same thing and something entirely different. They each have their own slots on a ship, except Universal which can go into any of the console slots. I'm going to assume you're using a torpedo launcher, so you'll Nobody these days (at least experienced people) use shield related consoles. Otherwise that compliment the ship's and officer's abilities differently. Science First, pick an energy damage type, and stick to it. This is not usually the best solution, but in this case very deliberately done to gain all the stacked bonuses from the sets, and gives a higher damage potential as I turn to bring the single cannons to bear for another volley. Commander +12 Starship Sensor Array 6,154 energy.

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