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Twenty years after witnessing a bus full of students disappear, Astrid runs into a man she recognizes as one of the victims and begins to investigate.

Engines. White Shadow is one of the main characters of Turbo Fast. But the secrets in Georgia's past jeopardize their endeavor. Shellsworth and Skid compete to finish a railroad to Lake Balboa; On the road with their trucker snail dad Darryl, Turbo and Chet protect the cargo. Turbo is kidnapped by an overzealous fan during a visit to a racing convention; Turbo's old nemesis, Guy Gagné, returns for a rematch. Copyright © 2020 ToyWiz. Smoove Move sneaks off to have fun alone in the clubhouse, but ends up trapped under a speaker; The crew battle to win a radio-controlled plane.

White Shadow is the largest snail of the F.A.S.T crew with a cape and eyeglasses. Beast Wars, Beast Machines & Robots in Disguise, Titanium, Robot Masters, Device Label & Revoltech, Statues, Busts & High-End Non-Toy Collectibles, Turbo Talking Nite Glo Smoove Move Figure, Turbo Talking Nite Glo White Shadow Figure, Turbo Skidmark vs Police Copter Vehicle 2-Pack, Turbo Whiplash vs Police Car Vehicle 2-Pack, Turbo Whiplash vs Yellow Racer Vehicle 2-Pack, Turbo White Shadow vs Smoove Move Vehicle 2-Pack, Turbo Movie Moments The Racing League Figure 5-Pack, Turbo Smoove Move vs Whiplash Vehicle 2-Pack, Turbo Movie Moments The Big Race Figure 5-Pack, Turbo vs Adrenalode Race Car Vehicle 2-Pack, Turbo Movie Moments Starlight Plaza Figure 5-Pack.

White Shadow and Turbo become best friends, making Skidmark determined to lure Shadow back; The FAST crew fills in for the injured snail bobsled team. Write the first section of your page here. Opposites attract at Christmas as cynical Dash and sunny Lily trade messages and dares in a red notebook they pass back and forth around New York City. All Rights Reserved. Burn wins a free vacation for two and everyone vies to be her travel buddy; Hardcase joins and dominates a junior racing league formed by Deuce. Duped by devious picnic ants, the FAST crew must help some wronged grasshoppers; Turbo finds himself targeted by a slanderous Internet troll.

When Whiplash is knocked unconscious, the others unravel the Mystery of the Sleeping Snail; The crew gets a reality show, and tensions come into focus. White Shadow quits racing and it's up to Turbo to get back on the track; the crew meets a strange new creature while playing detectives. This season sees Turbo and his team in even wilder adventures, like blasting off into space, battling a superhero hornet and disarming a stink bomb.

Join Turbo and his posse, the Fast Action Stunt Team. This season, the FAST crew tries to stop spring, gets stranded on a candy-filled island, faces down Internet trolls, and even more racing adventures. Chet becomes obsessed with opening a stubborn tomato juice can; Turbo adopts a toad for charity but the toad becomes an obnoxious house guest. Skidmark and White Shadow try to stop spring from coming by keeping a groundhog in his hole; Smoove loses the power behind his effortless cool. Chet accidentally trades all of the town's tomatoes to the devious Ace Gecko; Skidmark has been secretly keeping a clamsquatch as a pet. Turbo (2013) Full Cast & Crew. A series of mini-stories about the FAST crew begins when Turbo does his laundry; The crew must deactivate a stink bomb before it's too late. Burn is forced to coach a lousy tetherball team -- and gets inspired by an old rival; White Shadow's karate skills are tested by a ninja stinkbug.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fire ants swarm the city and it's up to Burn to race their leader; the crew travels to Mississippi for a race in the swamp, but Skidmark goes missing. (Which in the movie are shown to light up.). (The) White Shadow (real name Whiteman Shatford) is a snail who competes in Tito's after-work snail racing. Turbo must become a hero by saving the city from a menacing tiger beetle, who has challenged him to a race on an insane, stunt-filled obstacle course.

After accidentally waking cicadas from hibernation, the crew must get them back to sleep; a celebrity chef steals Tito's taco recipe. Whiplash takes on the toughest creature around in a MMA-style fight; When the FAST crew is abducted, Skidmark and his conspiracy club get on the case. A fortune-telling gypsy moth predicts doom for Whiplash; Skidmark tries to change his crazy behavior by rewiring his brain with a special helmet.


See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Directed by . A live-action series. He likes eating broccoli because it makes him feel like a giant. If he does not wear them, his vision becomes very messed up. Turbo is excited to race on a section of freeway that's closed for construction; Burn breaks up with Chet when he forgets her birthday. The FAST crew's peaceful vacation retreat is ruined by some hard-partying toilet frogs; The crew becomes obsessed with a Fantasy Racing League. White Shadow and Turbo become best friends, making Skidmark determined to lure Shadow back; The FAST crew fills in for the injured snail bobsled team. Bldg.KSuffern, NY 10901. He calls him Mr. Buzzby and believes it keeps him safe from bad luck. White Shadow is mistaken for a celebrity snail and kidnapped; Tito gets a foosball table which quickly becomes a soccer battle ground. He may not understand some things, but he is willing to help out his friends in certain situations and anyway possible and gets along well with each of them.

A mix-up puts the FAST crew on a rocket bound for outer space; The crew must work together to avoid space madness, debris … and a fiery re-entry. Turbo and Whiplash meet a strange tick who may be out to harm Turbo; when the crew starts a prank war, Chet is nervous that he's the next target. Chet, Skidmark and Smoove Move bring swamp toad Marty on an adventure; The snails fumble taking care of a lost human child left at the taco stand. White Shadow has also shown to have a big appetite. He has a bumblebee hanging on the back of his shell.
Sewer cockroaches challenge the team to a surfing contest during a relaxing day at the beach; Hardcase returns and vows to take revenge on Turbo.

Turbo competes in a crazy underground race through a mall; Tito trades in his food truck for a tank and goes on a wild ride through the city. Chet can't get him on a cereal box, so Turbo makes Ace Gecko his sports agent; Smoove Move competes in a ski race to prove his worth -- all for love. Shadow and Skidmark embark on a perilous adventure through the zoo to rescue Deuce; Whiplash attempts to prevent the crew from meeting his parents. Chet's obsessed with tracking down a litterbug; the crew competes against each other in a dangerous obstacle course race to save a damselfly princess.

The Shadow/Sundance was offered with a variety of four-cylinder engines, all with displacements of either 2.2 or 2.5 L, some were turbocharged.Naturally aspirated versions were fuel injected, except those sold in Mexico which were carbureted.The engines were tuned for torque rather than horsepower, resulting in horsepower and torque numbers that appear to be reversed from … A ragtag crew of bounty hunters chases down the galaxy's most dangerous criminals. Turbo brings down a songbird, but learns to coexist with the creature; Chet gets the sheriff fired, then must battle a gang of outlaw crickets.

Smoove Move is embarrassed when his nerdy brother comes to visit; Skidmark causes a panic when he hunts a snail-eating goldfish at a fancy party. Hardcase goes to extreme lengths attempting to finally get revenge on Turbo; White Shadow loses his good-luck charm and has a streak of terrible luck. A working-class African American family in Indiana struggles to make it work and make it right without the blueprints to do it.

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