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• Enemy projectiles will now slowly curve away from Isaac and avoid hitting him. • Isaac now has a chance to create friendly attack spiders everytime he fires a tear. • 1 Dot - Rerolls all of your items. Doubles damage, halves tears stat, and greatly reduces shot speed. treasure room, item room pool, white.
UNLOCK: Unlock this item by beating Satan with Isaac. • Each tear has a chance to become acidic, allowing it to break rocks, pots and other breakable objects, • Acidic tears can also be used to open secret rooms. any Soul or Black hearts (This bug has been fixed in Afterbirth+). +4 damage from Curved Horn instead of 2, -4 Tear Delay from Cancer instead of 2). The release date has not been confirmed yet, but there will be many additions to the base game, including fully fledged out modding tools. • Has a chance to add an extra charge to your active item upon completing a room. In Afterbirth this item also appears in the Gold Chest item pool. • The spike wave will deal 10 damage to any enemies in contact with it. * devil pool, devil room pool, devil deal, grey, gray, bloody. UNLOCK: Unlock this item by beating Mega Satan with every character. Only one can be entered. • When Isaac has no red hearts, this item gives Isaac the ability to fly and chance to trigger a shield that nullifies all types of damage for 10 seconds. Tears have a random chance to apply a poison effect to enemies. Isaac will take a full heart of damage on all floors after b… • Replaces Isaac's tears with nails, which have increased knockback. * item room, treasure room, item room pool, blood drop, red blood, drip. • Creates 1-2 friendly spiders when you kill an enemy. lost item pool, qt 3.14, dark bum, otp, damn it reddit, horns, grey, gray, smile. • While held, gives you a small chance to gain a bone heart everytime you take damage.

The fly will then systematically attack 1 enemy at a time until the room is cleared. * shop room pool, shop item pool, blue, grey, gray, smashed, clock. • Isaac's tears are replaced with piercing holy flashes of light, which travel across the room in a similar speed to regular tears. communion, the lost item pool, circle, cross, white, yellow. pool, boss room pool, boss room item, shop room pool, shop item pool, bag, pouch, * boss room pool, boss room item, mr. squeezy, mr squeezy, cobaltstreak, white, brown, red, bow, • Causes the Sharp Plug item to become useless due to the fact that you can never have 0 charge on your spacebar item. UNLOCK: Unlock this item by beating Challenge #19 (The Family Man).
* item room, treasure room, item room pool, red, white. In Afterbirth this item gives a random tear effect every few seconds, not every room. • A familiar that mirrors the player's movements and shoots tears directly at Isaac. Upon picking up a certain amount of health, spawn a permanent angelic familiar. +1.25 Range Up. In addition to tears, Isaac now holds a spear in front of him which deals damage equal to 2 times his tear damage, and occasionally inflicts. * angel room, angels, broken, yellow, gold, circle. +5 range. Fully recharges Isaac's active item upon entering a boss fight. • Sister Maggy fires tears at a rate of 1 tear per second.

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