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Mango & sea buckthorn smoothie

Sea buckthorn berries is Scandinavias answer to the exotic goji berries. The flavor is similar to that of passionfruit, mango and lime, but they also contain lots of nutrients and is often described as one of the world’s most vitamin-rich berries.

If you don’t happen to have any sea buckthorn juice, feel free to adapt the recipe a little and instead use a passionfruit or lime juice to add alittle acidity to the smoothie.

I love the combination of the creaminess from the banana and the smooth sweet mango mixed with a little bit of acidity – there is no better way to enjoy a hot summer day than with a smoothie like this!


Mango buckthorn smoothie
Yields 2
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  1. 1 banana
  2. 1 cup frozen mango (or 1 fresh mango)
  3. 1 tsp coconut oil
  4. 1 cup buckthorn drink/juice
  5. 1 cup non-dairy yoghurt
  6. fresh mint, for garnish
  1. Peel the banana and mix with the remaining ingredients in a blender to a smooth consistency. Garnish with fresh mint and enjoy!
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