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Seitan Bourguignon

French cuisine is everything but vegan friendly, but with a little imagination there are many traditional French dishes that are just waiting to be veganized: like Boef Bourguignon! This is one of my favorite meaty vegan recipes that I…

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Swedish Cinnamon Buns

Being brought up in Sweden, the concept of “fika” is incredibly important to me (just like it is for every other Swede). Fika is a Swedish term that means something similar to the English “tea time”, or the basic meaning “to…


Puff Pastry Pizza with Artichoke Cream

This recipe has become a recurring favorite in our house. It has some of my absolute favorite ingredients (artiches and mushrooms, a match made in heaven!), and although it feels luxurious it’s actually super easy to make. Convinced yet?…


Nanaimo Bars

I’ve often found that the better a cake or treat los, the unimpressed you tend to be with the taste. Fortunately I can assure you that’s not the case with these Nanaimo bars, because they really do taste as great as…


Confit Byaldi (Ratatouille)

Confit Byaldi is a version of the popular French dish Ratatouille, and in my opinion a much beautiful version. 😉 It’s a very simple recipe to make, although it does require some patience since it needs some time in…


Vegan Ginger Snaps with Lemon Filling

When traveling through Indonesia some years ago I came across this shop called “Rotiboy”. They were selling some type of sweet buns and their catchphrase was: One is never enough. I laughed at the catchphrase, bought a rotibun… but…


Vegan Pizza with Roasted Vegetables

Lately I’ve been making pizza at home pretty much every weekend, not only because home made is always tastier but also because take-away pizzas rarely come without cheese. In fact many people think a pizza without cheese is no pizza…

Recipes Sweets & Desserts

Kaiserschmarrn (Shredded Pancake)

Back in 2012 I spent the winter season in an idyllic little village in Bavaria, a region in southern Germany. Bavaria is known to be rather conservative and traditional, something which can be noticed in everything from the many traditional…

Breakfast Recipes

Crunchy Quinoa & Apple Granola

It’s a well known fact that Sundays were made for sleeping in and breakfasts in bed, and most would agree that there is no better breakfast than home made granola, yum! The best thing about making your own granola…