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Buddha Bowl with BBQ Tofu

I Buddha Bowls. There are so many creative ways of making them, they’re easy to adapt to your own personal preferences, and are most often both filling and a healthy dinner option! This version is made with BBQ…

Dinner Recipes

Homemade Ramen

Around exactly the same time every year when the sun sets later and the weather is getting dryer and warmer, I start to think that spring has finally come. And at that exact moment, those last days of wintery…

Dinner Recipes

Vegan American Cheese Burger

I experimenting with different veggie burgers. The flavor combinations are literally endless, and lately I’ve really been enjoying using liquid sme as it adds a nice smy flavor that goes very well with hamburgers. These veggie burger patties…

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Simple vegan almond cookies

I these vegan almond coies, they’re crunchy, nutty and super easy to make – perfect dunking biscuits with a cup of coffee! I was inspired by the almond coies I had in Italy a few years back, and…

Recipes Sweets & Desserts

Raspberry Chia Thumbprint Cookies

These vegan thumb coies are the perfect treats to bake on a weekday when you’re craving for something sweet and simple. Thumb coies (or “raspberry caves” as we call them in Sweden) are tratidional Swedish coies that are d…

Dinner Recipes

Roasted tomato soup

On cold winter days I crave for two things: hot chocolate, and a warm soup – although not preferrably both at the same time! 😛 Since this recipe only requires a handful of ingredients it’s perfect for days when…

Recipes Sweets & Desserts

Almond Biscotti (Vegan)

I absolutely adore Italian food, both sweet and savory. Nothing is as satisfying as an Italian hot chocolate, and any hot bew tastes even better with a crunchy biscuit for dunking. When spending a month in Turin in northern…