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Raspberry Chia Thumbprint Cookies

These vegan thumb coies are the perfect treats to bake on a weekday when you’re craving for something sweet and simple. Thumb coies (or “raspberry caves” as we call them in Sweden) are tratidional Swedish coies that are d…

Dinner Recipes

Roasted tomato soup

On cold winter days I crave for two things: hot chocolate, and a warm soup – although not preferrably both at the same time! 😛 Since this recipe only requires a handful of ingredients it’s perfect for days when…

Recipes Sweets & Desserts

Almond Biscotti (Vegan)

I absolutely adore Italian food, both sweet and savory. Nothing is as satisfying as an Italian hot chocolate, and any hot bew tastes even better with a crunchy biscuit for dunking. When spending a month in Turin in northern…

Dinner Recipes

Puff pastry pizza with artichoke cream

I playing around with puff pastry dough simply because the choices of what you can make with it are endless! It works both for savory and sweet dishes, you can make small snacks with it, a larger main…

Recipes Sweets & Desserts

Blackberry Cupcakes

The other day my grandmother turned 90 (!) and threw a large party for friends, family and neighbours who live nearby. Turns out grandma is quite the popular one, over 70 people turned up to the party! Luckily they had…


Moroccan Chickpea Salad

The Moroccan cuisine if one of my favorites, I just the mix between sweet and spicy and all the colorful veggies they use. When I first tried couscous with raisins as a teenager I was amazed. To me…

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Zucchini Chips

Having always been a huge movie-fan, friday night usually means movie night, and of course there will always be something to snack on during the movie. I making my own snacks, and sometimes it’s raw balls, other times…

Dinner Recipes

Beetroot Falafel

When I travel around Europe and I’m not sure where to find veggie food, I often lo for middle eastern is. The reason is because they often serve falafel – and where there is falafel, you’re guaranteed to find something…