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Slow cooker chickpea stew

To slave away in the kitchen for over an hour coing a dinner from scratch may not always be the first thing you want to do when you come home late after a long day’s work. At the same…

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Bell pepper hummus and pita chips

Hummus has become my go-to travel food. It’s not always easy to find veggie food when traveling, but where there is hummus, you can be sure to find something tasty that’s plant based. Hummus is an extremely versatile spread…

Dinner Recipes

Veggie beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is a classic Swedish dish, and originates from Russia where the meal was invented for duke Alexander Sergejevitj when he no longer could chew meat after having lost so many teeth! The chef competed with the recipe…

Drinks Recipes

Naturally Flavoured Milk

I consume several liters of oat milk every week, but I’m not a big fan of drinking it pure in a glass. Instead I use it in my breakfast bowl, tea, hot chocolate or flavor it with some fresh fruits…

Dinner Recipes Snacks

Potato skins with coconut bacon

Last monday was Nathan’s birthday, and we decided to take the whole day off to celebrate the way we know best, meaning lots of walking, and of course splurging on some great food! Nathan is one of those people…

Dinner Recipes

Grilled vegetable stacks

Even if the summer is quickly fading away it’s still possible to have a BBQ outside on a sunny day. These vegetable stacks are a great and simple lunch or dinner that I to make! They’re icious on…

Recipes Sweets & Desserts

Bread pudding with rum sauce

Baguettes are some of my favorite types of bread, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and perfect for stuffing all sorts of things and bring along for a picnic outside. The only problem is that if you…

Recipes Sweets & Desserts

Sweet potato pancakes

Sweet potato is one of my favorite things – I  the sweet earthy flavor and their versatality! You can use sweet potatoes in everything from curries, tacos, salads and other savory recipes, to sweets like pies and cakes, like the…